I had a knack for understanding what customers wanted, and after dropping out of academia, I was able to find work in marketing despite not having the 'right' qualifications.


Early years: 2007 – 2012

At the start of my marketing career I focused on search engine optimisation, which led me to managing teams and working for big-name brands – including AllSaints, Reiss, and Bench – just as the e-commerce sector took off.

I worked for a variety of marketing agencies, seeking a mix of excitement and security. I learned a lot about work cultures that guarantee a staff turnover of nanoseconds.

I noticed that when businesses didn't keep up with digital, they lost clients; then the money ran out, and layoffs followed.

From marketing to crypto: 2013 – 2017

A redundancy freed me up to start my own search engine optimisation business. I saw that none of the big agencies were doing app store optimisation, so I focused on that. I began attracting industry recognition. I won awards, spoke at conferences, and was hired by major-league clients to work with big marketing budgets.

The coding side of marketing began to interest me more and more, and I started a YouTube channel about Python and machine learning. In 2017, after meeting the founder of Coinscrum, I became fascinated by the complexity of crypto, and started volunteering at meet-ups..

I got to a point where I was working all hours, but not feeling the benefit of the successes and recognition coming my way. That's when I burnt out!

Changing priorities:
2018 – 2022

I stepped back from the marketing industry, and chose to prioritise clients whose products don't add more crap to the world. I also began to mentor marketing peers who wanted to develop their coding, data and analytics skills.


During the pandemic I moved cities, became a father, and began working with businesses to build internal marketing teams that know how to reach crypto audiences.


It's fair to say I've gathered a decent amount of insight from working across e-commerce, tech and media over the past fifteen years. My track record enables me to look at the problems businesses face from a number of key angles.


Today I provide crypto businesses with
expert support that delivers sustainable growth.

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