Why More Business Need Apps & YouTube Go Gaming!

How to make money out of mobile apps

An excellent article on the business magazine Forbes’ website explains what mobile app developers everywhere are looking for – namely how to make money out of their mobile apps and getting more people to use them.

Written by the chief executive of AppNexus, Brian O’Kelly, he highlights that the revolution of internet users switching to mobile devices is very much under way.

Web browsing is in decline and mobiles are affecting how people interact with the internet, he says.

However, with more than 2 million mobile apps on the largest app stores, growing numbers of developers are looking to advertise their wares and, he predicts, mobile advertising will rise to $17 billion within two years.
Part of the problem is that Apple’s App Store is ‘like a lottery’ with few companies being able to top the charts.
The article also underlines another issue with mobile app development and reveals that apps downloaded from Google Play lose 77% of users within three days.

When asked why people were uninstalling apps, 29% said they were fed up with ‘intrusive ads’.
This creates a major problem for mobile app developers since 75% of apps are free because most people will not pay for them, so how do developers generate an income?
Mr O’Kelly then goes on to outline how developers can generate money and create interest in their work.

Why businesses need mobile apps

Here at Miratrix we regularly explain to businesses that they need to do more than have a very good website and they now need interactive mobile apps to reach customers.

This has been underlined by an article on BizCommunity which reveals that Google revealed last year that more consumers are accessing the internet via their mobile devices than they are from desktop PCs.
The article goes on to explain that mobile apps should help a business deliver its promotions and be informative. Mobile app should also help build a following on social media and help build exposure to the firm’s brand.

Will mobile phone apps be the death of bank branches?

With growing numbers of us accessing our bank account via a mobile phone means fewer of us are visiting real world bank branches.

Indeed, one consultancy says that as the growth in mobile banking increases, the number of people visiting branches will halve over the coming four years.

Interestingly, the data also reveals that people using computers for their banking will also fall into decline as logins from mobile apps continue to soar.
It also appears that the world of banking is also changing with one lender, Atom Bank, which is mobile-focused soon to launch.

Mobile apps could help boost our health

A World Health Organisation seminar in Belfast has heard that mobile apps could be the key for boosting health, according to IT experts.

Delegates heard that technology could help tackle issues like Alzheimer’s and demonstrated a new mobile app which has been developed by scientists at Ulster University and Utah State University.
The delegates heard that digital technology can play a leading role in delivering healthcare and making it user friendly and more efficient.

Miratrix Mobile App news round-up

YouTube has announced that its mobile gaming app is launching in Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia for iOS and Android. YouTube Gaming is for live streaming and gameplay videos though Android users have the ability to use other apps while watching on a small window their YouTube Gaming videos. If you were regularly misplace your iPhone then the Lookout app for the Apple Watch is for you – it will reveal the phone’s location (or for the connected the iPad too) which will be useful if the iPhone has been stolen.

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