Why Businesses Need Mobile Phone Apps

An interesting feature in ItPortal has detailed why businesses need to utilise mobile phone apps to be successful and competitive.

The feature recognises that developments in mobile phone technology are taking place more quickly than ever before and it’s important that businesses make efforts to keep up.

Indeed, the article highlights that businesses need to understand that customers are now using mobile phone apps six times more often than they are using websites.

The feature focuses on the issue of how a business can be successful online and raises the fact that 64% of mobile phone time by users is spent on apps.

Mobile apps can be innovative and revolutionise how a business engages with its customers as well as the firm’s colleagues.

New Nexus phones will impress

The first indication of the next generation of Nexus phones which will reach stores later this year reveals they will not be preloaded with Android 7.0 Nougat but will have a new launch function and several new features.

It’s not even confirmed whether the new phones from Google will carry the Nexus label but they are set to be made by HTC, though some could be made by Chinese firm Hauwei. They will all, however, operate the new operating system called Android Nougat.

One of the big changes could see the appearance of Google Assistant on the next generation of phones which will enable people to ask voice-based questions and gain the answers they need, as well as other different types of help issues.

Africa taps huge potential for apps

Apparently, start-ups in Africa are seizing an opportunity they have recognised for success which is to create mobile apps for non-smartphones.

That’s because most mobile phone users in Africa do not have a smart phone or even a bank card.

Indeed, hundreds of millions of mobile phones are of the basic kind which is leading to developers to develop text based, no-frills apps which help to keep data consumption low and deliver specific local needs.

The apps being delivered are for merchants, farmers as well as small business owners.

One news report says that developers are responding to local demands and they aren’t responding to demands that users in America or Europe may have.

Life-saving mobile app gains success

Responder is a Wicklow, Ireland, based app which is set for big success after its founder Shane Byrne created the ground-breaking application.

It’s now set for the international stage with lots of demand predicted for what is a life-saving mobile phone application.

Essentially, Responder is a wearable app that will detect if the wearer has a seizure or fall and then alert the first responder (usually a family member though it can be a GP, for instance) and utilises GPS technology to pinpoint the wearer’s exact location.

It’s this element of using GPS which gives Responder the edge over its rivals and even if the wearer leaves home, the mobile app will still function and direct family members of the emergency services to where they are needed.

In other Miratrix news …

It’s taken four months, but Starbucks has finally announced its app for the Windows 10 mobile phone. The app is free for download in the UK, US and Canada.

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