‘Appy Advertising

The final week in November has seen a surge in advertising in the app world and beyond, everybody wants to be ahead of the game in the final weeks before Christmas. Don’t worry if you think you’re struggling, this week the pros have plenty of advice to share!

Priori data hosted their second annual ‘Conquer the app store’ in Berlin. A night dedicated to finding and growing your user base when competing with the app giants. In attendance were a seasoned team of developers and start-ups enlightening the masses on how to hack their way to the top of the app store with limited funds. Speakers included Malcolm Lowry of Next games and Zoe Laycock chief marketer at Navmii, keep your eyes peeled for Priori data’s next epic event!




Saikala Sultanova shared a great article about U.K carriers EE allowing users to control the advertising they consume. This intelligent advertising could be a game changer for smaller app developers, allowing them to better target their intended audience and that’s just one of the many benefits it could bring. Read the article by Natasha Lomas here.

Sultanova also tweeted an article with a completely different tone, Ad week’s Lauren Johnson explores Macy’s christmas advertising strategy and shows that we’re all targets of mass advertising. It’s interesting to see what money can buy for these retail giants but how long will it last, find out here.


Most of us don’t have the funds Macey’s have to pump into advertising but don’t let that put a damper on your christmas spirit! With determination anything is achievable, here’s a great article from the archives by Umar Khan of App Fire. He explores 11 creative ways to promote your app for free, take his good advice.



Looking for an pre Christmas way to celebrate your cat? Our weird and wonderful app suggestion of the week has to be TJ fuller and Nate Murray’s ‘Games for Cats’ available for free on Ipad. This game for cats stimulates your cat mentally and encourages them into physical play. Cats chase lasers, mice and butterflies across the Ipad screen, unlocking bonus’ and scoring points that you can share with your friends. It’s about time your friends know how great your cat is too!


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