The Yearly Roundup!

As 2015 draws to a close, we say farewell to a fantastic year for apps. Looking back, here are some of the best bits!
In February there was call to arms of gamers in the battle against cancer, gamers unique way of sussing routes make them especially apt at helping scientists find patterns helpful in cancer research. For more info check out Nick’s post from February and watch the video here.

March brought the monetisation of Tinder and Nick explored the pros and cons of switching from a free to a paying app. Time is a great teacher, check out the article here to see what we’ve learned.

August saw youtube claiming it was going to step up its game and bring a more user accessible app to the table and the UK being declared as a nation of app users. China also brought us astounding figures in advertising revenue generated from mobile advertising, read Alan’s article here.

Should 2016 be the year to go after celebrity endorsement for your app? We explored apps with celebrity contacts back in September. It’s definitely a relationship that could be beneficial for both parties as the buzzfeed app quickly discovered by giving Hillary Clinton a tech savvy edge.

Three months later Headspace is still receiving top reviews and was listed as one of the Independent’s best meditation apps.

Villoid is also still highly rated and this particular celebrity tie has warranted mention in publications that wouldn’t necessarily broach the tech world. Well worth is for the extended audience!

Buzzfeed’s app is fairing well in the rating for handy apps and it seems Hillary Clinton’s endorsement has done it no harm, turns out infamy will work as well as fame for getting your app out there!

October showed a wave of apps dedicated to educating and making a positive change in the world, Peggy Anne Salz introduced us to Games for Change.

For a recap and to get involved check out Shane Schick’s article in the Fierce Developer.

Snapchat was keen to capitalise on big investors and have come up with a personal marketing campaign to see them rolling in cash in 2016, to get money making tips off them and Facebook recap Alan’s article here

Or perhaps the best way to publicise your app is to get Kanye to give out about it!

In November Nick postulated on Instagram’s potential influence and when the app peak might be, videos well worth a recap


Reflecting on this year’s app highlights gives so much food for thought, so many masters of the trade to emulate and so much potential for growth! Here’s to 2016 being a fantastic year and to the student becoming the master, happy holidays everyone!

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