Users Find Love with Voice Activated Apps

It has been reported that growing numbers of male smartphone users are conducting sexually explicit conversations with chat bots and voice activated apps on their phones instead of real relationships.

Researchers found that virtual assistants such as Cortana and Siri are being used by the men to increasingly to help fulfil their desires – particularly by those who do not have a human companion.

The findings also indicate that most of these users are men who are lonely and desperate for love.

The survey has been published by virtual assistant developer Robin Labs which has created ‘Robin’ and is being used for 300 sexual conversations every day by men who do not have partners.

The firm’s chief executive Ilya Eckstein told a national newspaper: “It’s a symptom of our society and happens because people are bored and lonely.”

He revealed that some users of the virtual assistant are wanting to talk ‘dirty’ while others want to develop a deeper relationship.

Smartphone apps are the next step for Human Resources

The next big thing for human resources are mobile phone apps that give employers an ability to offer online learning and to increase productivity as well as managing their employees.

Researchers say that over the last five years, growing numbers of firms have moved onto cloud platforms for their HR systems while smaller suppliers are offering payroll and cloud HR services for medium-size firms.

Analysts say that nearly all HR software is located on the cloud but this is now branching out to become mobile with the HR tech industry effectively reinventing itself.

The move is being led by technology firms rather than by HR specialists who are producing mobile phone apps that appear to look like productivity tools rather than traditional HR offerings.

Essentially, researchers say that a growing number of firms with the HR systems located on the cloud are looking for add-on tools which are phone apps and the biggest area for growth currently is in mobile learning as firms replace their traditional training courses with new training tools.

GPS no longer works in central Moscow

Mobile phone apps that depend on GPS will no longer function in central Moscow since, it is reported, the Kremlin is blocking the GPS signal.

Indeed, users are complaining on social media that when they are close to the Kremlin, their GPS app informs them that they are 18 miles away at Vnukovo Airport.

The issue is affecting users on various smartphone apps including joggers and taxi drivers.

The first issues were reported in June and speculation is rife that the link to the airport means that drones will be prevented from flying over the Kremlin.

In other mobile phone app news …

Microsoft has revealed that users of its Skype app will only be able to use it on their Windows 10 mobile devices in future.

A study in Spain has revealed that children are online for four days every month – mainly using mobile phone apps. The most popular apps include WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as Google Chrome.

A study by Cardiff University has revealed that patients with type 2 diabetes could effectively use smart phone apps to self-manage their condition.

Research of Internet users in China has revealed that they are spending twice as much time using mobile apps than they do using computers. Also, the number of smartphone users in China continues to rocket with 65% using video websites and apps, 58% using news apps and 50% are accessing internet TV.

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