Got A Travel App? Ready For The Summer?

You might be thinking ‘Nick, you were just talking about marketing our apps at Christmas. Why are you talking about summer time?’. I’m talking about summer time because the minute the ball drops on NYE we are thinking about summer time. So if you’ve got a travel app it’s best to read this post.

…you’ve planned, right?

If you’ve not don’t worry you’ve still got some time to be ahead of this curve.

Sun worshippers search in January…

January is when you start to see the increase in beach beaks and beach holidays. ‘Beach Holidays’ is your typical hockey stick of growth, mouth watering growth. But be cautious, we’ll talk about why later in this post.

Although January is where the volumes peak, the trend begins before the end of December. Timing could be everything here. If you push an update live after the Apple App Store freeze ends you maybe able to get in every with beach/ summer related terms.

Sounds simple…things might not be that simple.

What to look out for

Three things could happen. You switch your focus and BOOM! you nail it and get loads of downs. The other is that you nail the terms and they don’t have enough volume to drive significant volume, which in turns means you’re losing downloads compared to your last keyword pool. Finally, you are in too early and volume hasn’t peak, essentially meaning you’re losing downloads until the volume through.

Trends aren’t volume, please remember this.

As I always say, trend data is good for understanding behaviour but you’ll need to do the due diligence to decide if jumping on a trend will pay off for you. If your app is new take the risk (but be prepared to switch back) because if you crack it in one season you’ll have the data that works for the following year. That’s priceless. It will allow you to focus on progress rather than learnings in future seasons.

Well. That’s my thinking for this Monday. See ya’ll next week…

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    I spent six years working in the travel industry – part of that dealing with customers, the other with media… but regardless January was always insanely busy!


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