My Top 5 App Marketing Tools | MTX31

These are the key tools I always ask to have installed when working with clients.

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Video Transcript:

My Top 5 App Marketing Tools | MTX31


Five things that I think you should have installed on your app from day one.

It won’t take long.

Branch, Apptentive, Google App Indexing, Google Analytics, MixPanel, or something similar. Facebook SDK.

And what do they all do? Branch helps you keep people in the funnel and lowers your CPI.

Google Analytics tracks user’s events.

MixPanel gives you good customer segmentation, allows you to push and send emails.

Facebook allows you to keep an eye on that CPI.

Apptentive gets reviews, you need reviews.
Go do it.

ES Transcription:

My Top 5 App Marketing Tools | MTX31


Cinco cosas que creo deben tener instaladas en sus aplicaciones desde el comienzo.

No tomará mucho.

Branch, Apptentive, el índice de Google App, Google Analytics, MixPanel o algo similar.
Facebook SDK.

¿Qué hacen todas ellas? Branch te ayuda a mantener a usuarios en el embudo y baja tu CPI.

Google Analytics rastrea los eventos de los usuarios.

MixPanel te da una buena segmentación de mercado, te permite promocionar y enviar correos.

Facebook te permite echar un ojo al CPI.
Apptentive te obtiene reseñas, necesitarás reseñas.

Vayan y háganlo.


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