App News Highlights-5 Things You Need To Know From the Last Week!



With over 1,000 new apps being launched daily it’s always a jam-packed week in the app world. Here are 5 things we think you need to know from the last week of app news.


Pollen VC is offering app developers an advance on the money they could wait up to 60 days for from the app store.

Priori Data tweeted about Peggy Anne’s fantastic article on In it she analyses the long tail phenomenon and shows us how it’s benefiting both developers and intrepid companies like Pollen VC who have spotted a glaring financial gap in the market and made a bold move that benefits us all. An uplifting read that highlights how much room there is for all of us in the app market.



Tapdaq an alternative app advertising platform has raised $6.5 million series A.

Dom Bracher has brought to light London based Tapdaq’s success in bagging $6.5m series A investment, Natasha Lomas of Techcrunch tells all here. This app advertising platform is tackling the app discovery problem by offering an ad trading service to indie developers. Tapdaq users trade ads with each other to ensure cross platform discovery and developers only receive the same amount of ads as they send. This big investment bodes well for the future of app discovery.



The Business of apps shows us how to leverage the biggest untapped app marketing channel.

The Business of apps shared their video of Florian Lormes, media services director of Telefonica, at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin. In it he talks about opening up communication between app developers and potential consumers. With the ability to pre install apps on certain phones he’s definitely a man worth listening too!



Facebook has opened Audience Network to the mobile web.


Saikala Sultanova tweeted about Jillian D’Onfro’s exciting article in the Business Insider. Facebook have opened Audience Network up to anyone with a mobile site, giving online businesses an opportunity to make money off their advertising. Facebook also appear to be vying for the top spot in advertising with their sights set on knocking Google off the charts.



Mobiquity networks have teamed up with US theatres to bring patrons mobile ad campaigns powered by beacons.

Anne Frier of Mobyaffiliates wrote about an interesting development in app advertising. Mobiquity a mobile engagement provider with headquarters in the United States, Europe and India are taking advantage of US cinema goers to boost mobile advertising with fun interactive mobile games. Check out Anne’s article here!

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