App News-Five Fantastic Things That Happened This Week!

We’ve rounded up the essential app news from the last week, here are the top five fabulous things you need to know right now!


Instagram’s upping their advertising game, allowing 60 second video ads for marketers.

The amazing Anne Frier of Mobyaffiliates writes about Instagram doubling their advertising impact by extending the length of the ad time they previously allowed. Warner Bros and T-mobile are among the first to take advantage of the picture sharing platform’s new feature by launching Superbowl ads. Instragram’s ambition just goes to show that being worth $35 billion doesn’t mean you’ve reached your peak!


Taylor Swift is teaming up with Glu Mobile to develop her first ever mobile game.

Even Taylor Swift sees the benefits of breaking into the app world and is teaming up with Glu Mobile to launch her first mobile game. Saikala Sultanova tweeted about Glu Mobile’s article on Yahoo Finance. The list of celebrities getting involved in mobile gaming is ever growing, read all about it!


App wealth is spreading!


Peggy Anne Salz tweeted and wrote a fantastic article about the spread of app wealth. Financial gain is no longer confined to a lucky few and success is being embraced by the majority. The long tail of app growth is in full flight, read her ever insightful article here!



There’s a massive gap in the market when it comes to apps with good customer service features.

The Business of Apps is as always tackling the real issues of the app world and has published a great article by Andy Boxall highlighting consumers desire for increased customer service features in apps. Yet another aspect to work on if you want the best app in the business.



Priori Data have launched Priori Data Pro for Google Play.


Natasha Yarotskaya of Priori Data writes about Google play’s partnership with the data analysis platform. The app world is so vast and interesting it’s fascinating to ponder the many ways we can generate income from it, Priori Data being a fine example! Check out their article!

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