Spring cleaning, life-saving and tackling India-it’s turning into an ‘appy New Year!

With the first (slightly painful!) week of January safely behind us, it’s time to fire ahead with our business plans and take a quick peek at what this year has revealed to us so far.
Anne Freier of Mobyaffiliates has good news for app developers everywhere and shares an emboldening read comparing advertising on mobile devices and televisions. A study from Yahoo! Advertising has found mobile advertising is drawing a more emotional and engaged response from its audience than traditional television advertising, with mobile device internet use being dominated by apps. It’s also a fascinating look at the difference in usership between generation x and generation y, be surprised by their content preferences here.

Spring cleaning is no longer confined to the home and Yahoo research has also unveiled data showing app users replacing apps at least once a month with some consumers deleting outdated apps every few weeks. Luckily the main reasons for this spring clean are all things the savvy developer can easily remedy, to stay at the top of your game check out Anne’s article.

Looking for some magic beans to guarantee financial growth for your app? The Business of Apps isn’t quite promising that but Jamie Giggs has put together a handy article outlining what Addict Mobile think the steps to success are. Turn your business into a flourishing success by taking their advice!

Is 2016 going to be the year you conquer the world? If you’re looking to at least tackle a new market, India with its 1.2 billion inhabitants might be the market place you’ve dreamed of. Knowing your audience is the key to success, Mobyaffiliates have compiled ‘8 facts to know before promoting your app in India’, it’s an enlightening read and the perfect place to start!

The cream rises to the top and Peggy Anne Salz has some fantastic advice on how to make your app nice and frothy! In her article from November she takes an in depth look at the changing world of app economics from middle class developers to how important understanding app store optimisation really is. Peggy Anne has put in abundant research and she’s happy to share the fruits of her labour, educate yourself here.

This week also saw Ms. Salz sharing an exciting article about staying ahead in the app development market by Q Manning, Manning discusses his three golden rules for ensuring you are top of your game, read his article so you don’t fall behind!

To leave you on a high note, the red cross have released a first aid app that will turn us all into lifesavers! Available in over eighty languages the top rated app doesn’t require wifi to run and is the perfect backup in an emergency situation. Find this lifesaver here!

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