Alcoholic apps are winning out!

It’s the season to be drunk and everybody knows it! Mobyaffiliates shared a great article highlighting how mobile ad campaigns promoting alcohol are outperforming all the others, is it just the season we’re in or is there more to it?


It’ll come as no surprise that being ahead of the game and implementing new technology in your mobile games makes you twice as likely to get featured. Saikala Sultanova shared a riveting read by Pollen insights on how exactly to get there!

The future is upon us and the news keeps getting better for app developers everywhere. Research has shown that advertisers are paying significantly more for targeted ads that reach your customers. Gone are the days of selling inventory, it’s all about selling your customer data. It’s more valuable than you know and everyone wants a piece of it, check out Peggy Anne Saltz’s article on VB and get selling!

An interesting read on app retention and the difference in Android and IOS users by Anne Freier of the Business of Apps. Apps geared towards reading and writing are more popular with Android users but IOS users win out on apps with a social element. I sense a new personality quiz question on the horizon! Check out her fantastic article here.

It looks like socialising isn’t the only thing apple users are better at, findings show that 77% of mobile sales occur on IOS! Check out Prior Data’s golden article to find out why.


And Finally get your Christmas feels with Wow app, the app that shares 70% of its revenue with you. You have the choice of donating what you earn to one of 2,000 charities or keeping it for yourself. It also boasts the lowest worldwide call rates, so your loved ones abroad won’t feel so far away this Christmas.

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