Users Want More Mobile Apps

A survey of Internet users has revealed that they expect to use more personalised mobile phone apps over the coming three years.

More than one in three respondents said they are looking for secure and convenient apps that react and adapt to the user’s current location.

In addition, they also expect websites to become more personalised and they believe payment methods will become quicker.

Other apps to improve their lives would be real-time online customer service, ordering products ‘on the go’ and they expect faster delivery times in the years to come.

YouTube launches app to communicate

YouTube is trialling a new smartphone app feature which enables users to discuss and share videos from the platform without using other services to connect with family and friends.

It’s only currently available to a small test group but looks set to be rolled out for use on Android phones and iPhones.

The idea is to keep users on the YouTube platform for longer without them resorting to copying and pasting links into tweets and Facebook messages.

Also, by keeping people using YouTube for longer means they will be able to show more adverts to the site’s one billion regular users.

Phone app to repair potholes

A new mobile app to repair potholes has been trialled.

Entitled ‘Changify’ the idea is for users to photograph a pothole and send it to the private contractor responsible for fixing it and bypassing the local authority’s complaints procedure.

The app has been a success in Plymouth and those behind it say the technology will help better manage our cities.

The apps users can also report where litter is building up and roadworks where no work appears to be done.

Fire hit residents get app

The residents of Fort McMurray where a huge wildfire ravaged most of the city have access to a new smartphone app which enables them to look at the condition of their property.

Launched by the provincial government of Alberta, the app provides satellite overviews of those areas devastated by the wildfire which forced 80,000 people to flee their homes. More than 2,400 buildings were destroyed.

App to find missing children

Police in China have launched a mobile phone app to help encourage people to report where missing children are being held.

Users of the app will receive updates when a child disappears with their details and a description as the police work to encourage the help in fighting child traffickers, which is a growing problem in China.

In other mobile phone app news…

Google says its ‘Project Tango’ will encourage developers to create mobile phone apps that utilise indoor 3-D mapping. The firm says it sees applications ranging from virtual reality to advertising.

Microsoft has announced that users of some Windows 10 mobile phones will soon be able to use a fingerprint scanner.

WhatsApp has launched a desktop app that will link with a user’s mobile app as it looks to expand beyond web-based and mobile platforms. The new app will run on Windows and Mac OS and will, the firm says, offer a new way to stay in touch anywhere and anytime.

ASO: Did Windows Copy Apple App Store Algorithm | MTX15

In 2015 I did a talk at Microscoft which was supposed to be how to do App Store Optimization in the Windows Store. The talk turned into why you can’t do aso in windows and how it negatively effects indie developers and the app store model for windows.

Watch this video on YouTube.

English Version
Spanish Version

EN Transcription:

ASO: Did Windows Copy Apple App Store Algorithm | MTX15

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix, and welcome to this week’s video. No joke, we’re actually going to talk about Windows app store optimization or the lack of it.

This is a really quick video just on something that I heard. Um, last year, I think it was, I did a study on app store optimization for Windows, and it turned out to be pretty impossible, because the algorithm was pretty stupid, and no gains could be made in the Windows Store.

However, on Windows 10, it sounds like they have, not sounds like, almost guaranteed that they have copied Apple’s method of the algorithm, which is keywords, title, I’m pretty sure reviews.

Um, so if you’re doing Windows stuff, you might want to look at that. (laughs) But, what they fail to realize is that Apple’s algorithm sucks, so they’ve copied a really,
really rubbish algorithm to be their model for ranking their apps.

Well done, Windows. Okay, that’s my point for this week.

I’ll see you all next week.


ES Transcription:

Hola, soy Nick Duddy de Miratrix, y bienvenidos al vídeo de esta semana. No es broma, de hecho hablaremos sobre optimización de la tienda de aplicaciones de Windows o la falta de ella.

Es un vídeo muy rápido en algo que escuché.

El año pasado, creo que fue, hice un estudio en la optimización de la
tienda de aplicaciones, y resultó que era casi imposible, porque el algoritmo era muy estúpido, y no se podía ganar cosa alguna en la tienda de Windows.

Sin embargo, en Windows 10, parece que ha casi de seguro copiado el algoritmo del método de Apple, las cuales son, palabras clave, título, creo que reseñas.

Si hacen algo con Windows, querrán darle un vistazo a eso. Pero, lo que no se dan cuenta es que el algoritmo de Apple apesta, así que han copiado un algoritmo basura para que sea su modelo para
ordenar sus aplicaciones.

Bien hecho, Windows. Bien, ése es mi punto para esta semana. Los veré en la próxima.


Five Signs You’re Developing A Successful App!

To make things more interesting we’ve taken all the app news from the past week and condensed it into a handy list to assure you you’re on route to success.


You have a celeb endorsement.


While definitely not essential to success having a famous face attached to your app does seem to help. This week Sultanova tweeted about Glu mobile’s plan to develop a mobile game with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this isn’t the first time we’ve noticed the trend of star powered apps, check out Alan’s article from back in September for a quick recap!


        You’re developing an app with your target audience in mind.

Developing a knitting app for granny’s that can’t use smart phones is probably a lost cause, it’s vital to have your target audience in mind on every step of your app journey and creating a user friendly, accessible app is much more likely to bring success than one your customers can’t even navigate. As always Peggy Anne Salz shares some sage advice this week in the form of an article by Sophie Densham of Ukie. The Uk games trade body is collaborating with leading user research company to provide new player experience reports. Now you can find out how your customers really feel!


       You’ve taken the initial leap, from dreaming about the app you want to create to actually creating it.


You’d be amazed at how many great ideas never leave the planning stages, if you’ve successfully moved beyond this step then you’ve already won half the battle! Priori data shared Jovanny Espinal’s fantastic read on turning your idea into an app, don’t get stuck in the dream stage read Jovanny’s article here!

      Know your enemy.


Research, research, research! Know your competition, know their successes and know their failures. By knowing what’s hot and what’s not you’ll always be one step ahead of the game. Prior data and google play have released the download and revenue data for apps, publishers and categories across 50 countries. Read all about it!

     Don’t lose your head when you think it’s all gone wrong.


The Business of Apps claim that even for top performing apps it’s normal to lose 80% of your usership in the first week. So it’s vital that those first few days of usership are geared at consumer retention and increased interaction with your app. Ann Frier tells all in the this riveting read.

‘Appy Christmas week!

2016 is nearly upon us and here’s to beginning a new chapter bursting with success! It’s been an interesting week, with much speculation and what’s to come next year. The founders of MCordis got together with Peggy Anne Salz to bring you a special podcast highlighting their predicted marketing trends of 2016.

But only a fool wouldn’t want a second opinion and luckily for us CEO of Priori Data Patrick Kane was also keen to share his insights of what the marketing trends of 2016 could bring.

Mobyaffiliates are also gunning for success and they shared some fantastic articles to end 2015 on a high note. No matter what your goal in life sometimes the sheer competition can seem overwhelming but don’t ever be put off by it, it just means there’s a market out there for your app. Mobyaffiliates App Marketing Campaign Playbook is a real treat and definitely worth a read if you want to stand out from the crowd with a successful app.

Coming up to Christmas everybody’s pulling the purse strings a bit tighter and sometimes the road less travelled is the best way to go. If your app isn’t earning you the gross you anticipated, don’t despair! Jamie Giggs of AppIndex solves our money woes with his enlightening article about potential earnings beyond the traditional app stores.



The better you know your competitor the easier it is to beat them. Priori data have released ‘Discovery’, a daily chart chronicling newcomer apps progress in the App Store top charts. It’s advanced filter options make it easy to monitor multiple markets. A great way to keep an eye on your competitors!

Anne Frier has some good new for game app developers, research has shown that they make up 38% of all apps on Apple TV app store. For fascinating download data and to get the inside scoop on what else is going on read her article here.


As we’re winding up the year, let’s take a look at some of the many apps that have come and gone. Zach Streich of Zacism takes a humorous look at the apps that everybody had to have before they deleted them.

Alcoholic apps are winning out!

It’s the season to be drunk and everybody knows it! Mobyaffiliates shared a great article highlighting how mobile ad campaigns promoting alcohol are outperforming all the others, is it just the season we’re in or is there more to it?


It’ll come as no surprise that being ahead of the game and implementing new technology in your mobile games makes you twice as likely to get featured. Saikala Sultanova shared a riveting read by Pollen insights on how exactly to get there!

The future is upon us and the news keeps getting better for app developers everywhere. Research has shown that advertisers are paying significantly more for targeted ads that reach your customers. Gone are the days of selling inventory, it’s all about selling your customer data. It’s more valuable than you know and everyone wants a piece of it, check out Peggy Anne Saltz’s article on VB and get selling!

An interesting read on app retention and the difference in Android and IOS users by Anne Freier of the Business of Apps. Apps geared towards reading and writing are more popular with Android users but IOS users win out on apps with a social element. I sense a new personality quiz question on the horizon! Check out her fantastic article here.

It looks like socialising isn’t the only thing apple users are better at, findings show that 77% of mobile sales occur on IOS! Check out Prior Data’s golden article to find out why.


And Finally get your Christmas feels with Wow app, the app that shares 70% of its revenue with you. You have the choice of donating what you earn to one of 2,000 charities or keeping it for yourself. It also boasts the lowest worldwide call rates, so your loved ones abroad won’t feel so far away this Christmas.

‘Appy Advertising

The final week in November has seen a surge in advertising in the app world and beyond, everybody wants to be ahead of the game in the final weeks before Christmas. Don’t worry if you think you’re struggling, this week the pros have plenty of advice to share! Read more