Survey Reveals Mobile Apps are Best Practice for Small Firms

Researchers have revealed that growing numbers of small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) are moving quickly towards adopting mobile apps to boost their business.

The survey by Clutch reveals that 42% of SME’s have already built their own mobile app because they say the app is an important tool to boost their operations.

The survey also reveals that 67% of SME’s say they will have a mobile app in place by the end of this year.

The firms say their need for an app must also provide a worthwhile return on investment and one of the main purposes for having an app developed is to improve customer service.

Those firms who have not created an app is down to the age of management personnel and the company size and also the resources they have to devote to developing an application.

The survey found that larger SME’s with younger managers are more likely to have mobile apps to help the business while the SME’s with owners below the age of 45 are twice as likely to have a mobile app than those aged over 45.

Apps boosted on Android Wear 2.0

It’s a few months late but the new Android Wear 2.0 release has a big impact on apps.

Previously, the smart watch would sync automatically with apps on the user’s smartphone whether they wanted the apps to do this or not.

Now, however, the user will download specific apps to the watch and choose whether they want to sync the app with their smartphone.

In addition, users can also download standalone apps for their wearable tech that do not need a companion app for the user’s smartphone.

McDonald’s reveals ‘pay ahead’ app

Fast-food chain McDonald’s has unveiled plans to launch an app that enables customers to order and pay for food ahead of arriving in a restaurant.

Starting in the US, they will be rolled out around the world’s 20,000 restaurants and industry watchers say this is the first step for the firm to begin home deliveries.

The new service will connect directly with the McDonald’s current mobile phone app.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news …

Drivers in the UK who use a mobile phone at the wheel of their car will now be fined £200 and handed six penalty points on their licence. However, some are still confused about being able to use apps, particularly sat nav apps, though the law states they must not touch their phone when behind the wheel.

Rugby league players in New Zealand have been told to delete betting apps from their smartphones to avoid gambling on matches; betting on games is against their code of conduct and several players have fallen foul of the rules.

Research has revealed that the time US phone users spend on their apps is now five hours every day, says Flurry, an analytical firm.

The data tracking app Glasswire is now available for Android phones. The app shows users which of their phone’s apps is using the most data and when.

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