This week’s Weekly Noise is endorsed by… well, not really. But it does bring together stories from the past week that all have something in common – apps with famous names attached to them in some way.


Headspace was the first to catch our attention – not because of the celebs involved, but more because of the app’s unique nature.

It’s all about meditation, you see. Billed as “your very own personal trainer, here to help you train your mind” Headspace provides the user with ways to improve their mindfulness and ultimately reduce anxiety and stress.

As reported by Business of Apps, Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Jared Leto are among those that have contributed to Headspace’s latest $30 million funding round. Leto himself may or may not be a chilled out kind of guy, but one of his forthcoming characters might find a bit of meditation helpful…



We remember Alexa Chung best as a presenter on Channel 4’s weekend T4 content during the latter part of the last decade. But it seems she has established quite a name for herself as a major name in fashion – modelling and fronting campaigns for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and living in New York’s East Village no less.

Which is why she was an unsurprising target for fashion app Villoid when they wanted some public-facing endorsement. Fashionista, who reported the Chung-Villoid relationship, probably give the best description of the app: it allows the user to make Pinterest-like “boards”, pulling together fashion items they like and trying out outfits with the added benefit of sharing with an audience of other users for their opinions.

The story goes that Chung was brought on board (apparently after a lot of negotiating to sit her down for an initial meeting) to help revamp the existing SoBazaar app – not only giving her input on design and user experience, but ultimately being the one who chose the new name of Villoid. According to the report, since Chung’s involvement was made public and she promoted via Instagram the app has been seeing an additional 10,000 boards being created each day.

alexa chung

BuzzFeed News

Our final star story has more of a political theme and it comes from CNN Money. Internet news media company BuzzFeed is launching the BuzzFeed News Candidate College Tour, which will see some of its 190 journalists interview 2016 US Presidential candidates at various stops around the USA.

In something of a coup they’ve signed up their first big interviewee in the form of arguably the joint highest profile candidate – Hillary Clinton (the other one being that guy who had a cameo appearance in Home Alone 2).

It’s a savvy bit of marketing for all parties concerned. It creates both awareness and credibility surrounding the BuzzFeed News app, and for the former First Lady she’s seen as first off the starting block to embrace mobile technology and its ever increasing audience.


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