SPAM: Chinese Phone Farm’s & Conspiracy Theories ? | MTX62

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Hello, welcome to this week’s video.

We’re going to talk about Chinese phone farms. They’ve been in the news over the past couple of days … again.

About a year ago, maybe two years ago, it was all exposed. For me, it’s incredibly interesting, the technology, the infrastructure they’re building to create frauds. I know, it’s not necessarily a good thing. You’ve got to admire it when they’re that clever.

Also if you’ve seen the video and seen the historical ones, they’ve cleaned things up a bit. More room, more phones.

Another question, where are they getting all these phones? Getting them out the back of factories? Somebody else bigger funding it? Some paranoid stuff coming out there. It’s all kind of creative. Google it, read all the stuff. It’s interesting, should be aware of it.

That’s this week’s video. See ya.

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