Research Methods Resource

Hello! I’ve started to curate some good resources for those that want to learn a little more about research methodology for their jobs. This is mainly aimed at newbies with no formal or academic research education or training.


Need to work out a statistical sample size? Here’s a sample size generator:

Not sure what statistical test to use? No problem! Bill Trochim’s Center for Social Research Methods has got a great little took for helping you find your way the correct stats test:

Want to learn more about specific statistical formulas and methods? They are pretty much all here:

Research Design

This resource from University of South Carolina will help beginners and those out of practice get back into designer research and writing research proposals. The UI could use a little work but all and all it’s a very useful tool:

CIRT has a one pager for those of you that would like a brief idea on how to design research.

Research Methodology

What are the different types of research methods, I hear you say?

Watch this video on YouTube.

Great intro video on research methods

Watch this video on YouTube.


I’ll update this as I come across new resources but if you find any yourself, please share below or ping me on twitter.

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