Police Should Have a Warrant for Accessing Phones

Privacy campaigners have launched a campaign for police to obtain a search warrant before examining smartphones and their apps.

They say that police forces are increasingly using forensic equipment to search through mobile phones and this is being carried out by officers who have been insufficiently trained.

Privacy International is also warning that sensitive data could be lost or misappropriated by those conducting the search.

The call comes after the Metropolitan police announced the creation of self-service kiosks across all London boroughs to enable officers to access digital information on phones more quickly.

Drivers don’t trust payphone apps

Around 54% of drivers prefer to park using cash because they don’t trust their mobile phones.

The British Parking Association says 22% of those questioned did not trust the new technology to pay for the parking.

The reasons for paying cash include the driver been distrustful or confused by their smartphone.

Apps help with mental health symptoms

Researchers in the US have found that smartphone apps for anxiety and depression help reduce the users from experiencing symptoms.

The study looked at 13 clinical apps and found evidence that they work in most cases and help teach patients the skills a therapist can deliver.

However, the study highlights that different apps will work for different people so those wanting a mental health app need to find a suitable one.

Sense Companion takes a bow

The latest HTC smartphones use apps and software that studies their owner’s behaviour and plans to offer recommendations on what they have learned.

Known as Sense Companion, the system can boost battery life if necessary and suggest what the user should wear that is suitable for the weather conditions.

Also, the largest device of the new U Play and U Ultra phones has two separate displays.

The phones can also recommend when the battery should be recharged by checking the user’s calendar for a busy day and suggest resetting the alarm for a Bank Holiday – if this has not already been done.

Nokia asks for AI trademark

Phone maker Nokia has asked for an EU trademark for their new AI assistant, Viki.

The new software highlights that AI assistants will be the big trend in 2017 and the new software will combine various data sources into a voice-based, single chat interface similar to Siri.

The smartphone market is becoming increasingly competitive with phone makers looking increasing at helpful and informative apps and AI to boost their sales.

In other mobile phone app news …

Researchers from the University of Virginia say that the more people use their smartphone apps for information means they trust strangers less.

The most secure Google smartphone ever is the Kaymera Pixel which is secure from all types of external exploit attempts, says the phone maker.

Google has announced that Android Wear 2.0 will be unveiled in February; the operating system for wearables will have a raft of innovative new features. The firm says the new system has been delayed to help developers produce the apps for their products.

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