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This tutorial is on Apple Search Ads and how to create a campaign.

Was gonna be campaign and analytics, but it’d go a bit long, I’ve split it into two videos so analytics will come next week.

If something missing, something I didn’t explain, you need to put it in the
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I’m easy to find.

Anyway, here we go.

First thing you’re gonna have to do is find the login screen for Apple Search Ads.

Usually I just Google Apple Search Ads and click on it.

And once you’ve did that, get to this screen, you hit Start in the top right hand corner, and if you’ve already got an iTunes connect login, put that in, if not you’re gonna have to create one.

I’m assuming you’ve set one up already.

If not, it’s roughly the same process for a campaign creation, but if you’ve already got an account this is what it looks like.

But you’re running a campaign.

The next thing you want to do is create a campaign. And select your app, and give your campaign a name.

And put in a budget, this is the total budget for the whole campaign, the whole life of the campaign.

Then a daily budget, to make sure you don’t overspend.

Next thing you might want to do is add some campaign negatives.

These are keywords you put in for the whole campaign and all the ad groups inside the campaign, it will never show for.

So you’ve got (microphone dims out) app, probably want to exclude three, because that’s dead traffic.

Once you select keywords, you’re going to want to pick the match. Want a broad no free terms at all, or just the word free.

Next is the ad group name, and the campaign end date.

But for this campaign we’re just going to run it all the way through until I decide to turn it off.

And you might want to schedule ads if you know what time it’s going to be cheapest to buy or what time your users, potential users, will be online and more likely to interact.

And select Departing.

So that’s running your campaign at different types of day depending on what your CPI is, or when you think your potential users will be active.

It’s quite easy, it’s drag and drop sort of thing.

Next thing you’ll need to do is add a maximum bid price. I usually make this quite big in the beginning, just to make sure that we don’t have any problems displaying because of competition.

Then you might want to add a goal, so you’re not willing to spend over $1.50 for an instal.

And you might want to put that in.

I tend to leave it blank, initially. Not in this case, but initially.

Just to allow the campaign to run free.

Then you’re going to want to broad match.


Again, something you do in the very beginning stages of a campaign.

Make sure you get full visibility and good information back so you can tweet and find the campaign.

Then you’re going to start adding your keywords.

I keep them tight, the actual product or service you offer. Don’t go too broad, the machine that is Search Ads will go broad for you, and a chance to add negative campaigns for technical ad group.

This will allow your ads not to show for competing ad groups, so if you get keywords which are slightly the same, then you can add them as negatives in that ad group.

And we’re into demographics essentially, and the sorts of people you want to target. In this particular campaign we’re not that bothered about this.

We want everybody and anybody.

And you know part of a campaign creation is selecting a location, all the
locations are in the US at the moment.

We are to go broad again, just to get as much information back as possible.

And that is you created a campaign.

Well, that was it.

Was it useful, yes, no?

Tell me, I’ll make you another that’s maybe a bit more clear.

Check next week’s video, which will be the second part of this, when analytics are available, and little tips on how to use it.

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Other than that, see you next week.

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