NHS Considers Heart Attack App

The NHS is considering a mobile phone app that can detect a heart attack a week before it occurs.

The smart phone app works by analysing the tone of the user’s voice to tell if they are in danger of having a heart attack; in trials the app predicted accurately those with congestive cardiac failure a week before they became ill.

The app is one of several currently under review with a view to revolutionising personal health care. Other apps include peak flow meters for asthma sufferers and a blood pressure monitor.

The NHS’s clinical director for innovation described Cordio, the voice monitoring app, as being among the ‘most brilliant’ creations he had ever seen.

Windows 10 Mobile gets a boost

Microsoft says the Windows 10 Mobile platform will get an update to pitch it as a better rival to iOs and Android.

Apps on the phones will now be allowed to access the phone’s notifications, as users of IoS and Android can do. Users can now enable apps to receive notifications and access new features.

Some mobile phone apps need access to a phone’s notifications so they can work as the developer intended but until now the Microsoft platform has prevented this from happening.

The new feature is set to be part of the firm’s big planned Anniversary Update which should take place in July.

A bad date saved?

A new mobile phone app has been released which the developer says can save a user from a bad date.

Bod – bad online dates – goes against the trends of apps such as Tinder and Hinge by offering new matches in real time without the effort of emailing and texting first. The idea is to escape a current bad date by going on a new date.

The geolocation-based app enables a dater to leave their date and meet someone who could be a better match instead. This, they say, will save them from pretending there is an emergency at home to escape the date.

The firm behind the app says around 11% of Americans are using dating apps which means that there are millions of people being stuck in what could be very bad dates so Bod gives them an opportunity to escape.

In other mobile phone app news

Users with Tesco Mobile phones are being offered £3 a month off their monthly bill if they agree to see special offers and adverts every time they swipe to unlock their phone. Available to Android users only via Google Play the idea is that users will get ads local to them for cafes and shops, for instance, and for those who like to receive discounts.

Increasing the penalties of drivers who use their mobile phones while driving will not work, says the RAC. The government is currently looking at plans to increase the penalties for drivers caught using mobile phones while behind the wheel from the current three penalty points and a £100 fine.

Mobile app research firm Nomura says that the numbers of US smart phone users downloading mobile phone apps fell last month by 20%. However, the world’s mobile phone market continues to grow and, along with it, the market for apps as well. The exceptions to the apps seeing a drop in US downloads are Snapchat and Uber.

Sony has ditched its Small Apps feature – the apps for accessing things like email and a calculator – for its Xperia X devices. The feature struggled to attract support and there were only a few third-party apps available in Google’s Play Store to support the feature.

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