New App Enables Other Apps to be Used Without Installation

Google’s Android Instant Apps enables users to open an app from their mobile phone without having to install it first.

The firm says it is helping to bridge the gap between mobile and web-based apps.

The move follows requests from developers who want users to access their apps more quickly and the new platform enables mobile users to open an app without having to install it.

Instead of spending a few minutes downloading and then installing an app, Android Instant App enables developers to partition their app into smaller parts for downloading in several seconds. The only drawback is that each module is restricted to being less than 4 MB in size.

The platform enables a potential user to trial an app and if they like what’s on the screen they can tap a button which will install the app’s full version.

Apple’s Wallet to support UK driving licences?

The end of plastic photo cards could nigh with UK driving licences set to become digital in the coming future.

The DVLA’s chief executive, Oliver Morely, tweeted an image of an iPhone displaying a driving licence in the Apple Wallet app.

There’s no timeline for the introduction of digital driving licences but the DVLA says it is experimenting with platforms to ensure the system is robust and secure.

Vodafone offers monthly billing for apps

Rather than paying for apps in Google’s Play Store every time one is downloaded, Vodafone customers can now use the firm’s Charge to Bill which will add their cost onto the customer’s monthly phone bill.

Users can download apps, films, music, games, e-books and TV shows to their Android device and pay for it when their phone bill lands.

Mobile app identifies strangers with 70% accuracy

A new Russian app called ‘FindFace’ is causing a stir since it will identify 70% of strangers accurately.

Developers behind the mobile app say it can be used by the police to fight crime and help people track someone down for a date.

The FindFace app can identify passers-by with 70% accuracy – so long as the user takes a photograph of them and that person has a social profile on the networking site.

iPhone app will share video clips

A new app for iPhones enables users to create and then share their collection of one minute video clips, or as they are known to users, Chains, with other users able to add their own video responses.

Called Chain, the numbers of people signing up has been impressive and those behind the app say it’s a new way to communicate and share with fans and friends. It’s also possible for charities to build up support for their cars by using the app, say the developers.

Banking app for blind people

A new mobile phone app which enables partially sighted and blind people to use a bank’s services has been launched by NatWest in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

The bank says it has made dozens of improvements to help people with a visual impairment to access their banking services.

Around two million people are registered as being blind in the UK and NatWest says that 10,000 of their customers will utilise the app.

New mobile app tracks Whales

A new phone app has been launched so the public can help track Whale movements off the Atlantic coast of Canada this year.

The Whale Alert app will display active whale management areas to help reduce fatalities when Whales are struck by ships and the app will highlight those areas to be avoided by vessels.

The app also supports whale sighting reports from those in the maritime community as well as the general public with the information being shared in real time.

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