New App Could be the Future for Retail

It’s been described as the Tinder of the retail world and now a new app will enable users to swipe left or right and then click on an image to buy a new outfit.

Bijou Commerce says its app will enable beauty and fashion apps to offer single image browsing with users swiping right if they are impressed with the product and swiping left if not.

The firm says that the app will make shopping more engaging and simpler for retail customers.

The issue is that most apps for retailers place between four and 12 products on a screen and these look too small on many mobile phones which being some products will struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Google apps verification simplified

Google has made the verification process for its Gmail and Apps simpler by enabling users to approve a sign-in request with a single tap on their phone.

Currently users have to look up a six-digit code and type it in elsewhere – that is if they enabled two-step verification – for their apps and online accounts.

Now a pop-up will appear asking for verification which the user will just have to tap.

To enable the system, users need to visit their Google account and follow the instructions but users should appreciate the new system only works for Google accounts.

The new method follows in the footsteps of Microsoft which enabled the simple form of verification for its Account app.

Mobile phone apps could ‘treat’ mental health patients

The NHS has announced that it may begin using mobile phone apps to help treat mental health patients to help ease pressure on the service.

Those behind the move say things like Fitbit activity trackers and iPhones can help ease pressure on primary care services with high-tech mobile phone apps being used to determine a user’s state of mind.

The app will work by analysing the user’s breathing pattern, facial expression as well as tone and inflection of their voice to determine how well, or poorly, they are.

In a report to NHS chiefs about the potential of using more mobile phone apps, the researchers say that people appear to be willing to disclose information to a virtual psychiatrist or a computer avatar rather than to a real one.

In addition, mobile phone apps could form a new primary care approach, particularly to improve mental health.

Ghostbot helps relationships

A new app aimed at ending relationships has been launched and will analyse messages and work out how to respond to a persistent texter.

Ghostbot is described by its creators as a text messaging bot to help users ‘ghost away’ from a fleeting relationship without having to deal with the emotional baggage.

The bot may reply that the user is too busy for meeting up or simply send a thumbs down emoji to give them a more obvious rejection.

It works by detecting messages that have been marked as a ‘ghost’ by the user and the responses can be anything from a few minutes to a few hours and eventually, the bot will stop replying.

Users will be able to create links in their phone apps

Part of the frustration of using mobile apps is finding information that has caught a user’s eye but is then lost but this may come to end with a new uLink experiment being unveiled Microsoft Research.

When users trawl through several pages on a mobile app and then cannot find what they were looking for will find the new system to add bookmarks which will make their life easier.

The operation is rather similar to the deep app linking idea from Google but doesn’t involve going online for it to work.

Also, the new bookmarking system only works on Android but the ability to see and revisit specific and favourite spots within a mobile phone app looks like taking off.

Android Pay available in the UK

Android Pay enables users to pay for items and services with their NFC equipped mobile phones and it’s now live for UK users without any fanfare being made.

Androind Pay went live in America shortly after its 2015 announcement and has proved to be popular.

To help the new payment system grow in the UK, Google is promoting special offers particularly discounts on one day of the month for the increasing number of outlets that accept Android Pay.

However, Google has also announced which banks and cards in the UK will support the system including MasterCard and Visa debit and credit cards from most of the country’s financial institutions.

Most will offer the service except for Barclays which is renowned for being one of the last to join Apple Pay.

The new payment system will work anywhere where contactless payments are accepted including Costa, Boots and KFC.

In other mobile phone app news…

Microsoft has released its Flow iOS app which enables a firm’s employees to carry their corporate intranet with them so they can access key information whenever they need to. The SharePoint mobile app is for users with Office 365 and SharePoint online.

In last week’s Miratrix mobile phone app news, we highlighted that the new iOS 10 would allow users to delete the apps that come already built-in but we were wrong (and, as it turned out, was everyone else) since users can hide the apps but not delete them.

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