Mobile Video Apps Get a Boost

Facebook has unveiled its latest mobile video app with several major changes.

The biggest one enables users to play the sound for a video automatically as they scroll their news feed without having to tap the clip.

The app will also enable the user to play videos ‘picture-in-picture’ so they can watch a video in the corner of their screen while doing something else on their device.

Facebook says that if users do not want the sound to be played then they should have their device set to silent in the new settings feature.

With more than 3 billion videos being played on Facebook’s platform every day, the firm says it is looking to offer users a more flexible and engaging way to interact with video content.

Also, videos when played will expand to full frame and the video app will also enable videos to be played on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon fire TV with more platforms in the pipeline.

GPs may be using apps in future

In a bid to reduce the numbers of people accessing GP services and A&E units, one healthcare trust is trialling mobile apps.

The Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group says it is looking to save money by asking patients if they are willing to speak with a health professional using Skype, online chat, email or by phone.

They are also hoping to attract more GPs to use the service since they can work from home to do so.

It is believed that by using an app, the numbers of patients heading to A&E will also fall dramatically though health service professionals say the system needs to be thoroughly tested.

Google’s Assistant app may expand

While it’s currently only available on Pixel and Pixel XL, Google is hinting that its Assistant system may roll-out for use on other devices and possibly on older phones as well.

Industry watchers say the app may soon be available for use on the Nexus 6P and 5X as well as the LG G6.

However, Google Assistant may also be rolled out to older Android phones in the near future.

Initial reports also suggest that there are operational difficulties for the Assistant app from users who are struggling with it.

Yahoo! boosts its mobile app

The Yahoo! Mail mobile app has been boosted with the ability of users to identify incoming phone numbers with a new Call Feature ID.

The app is among the most popular offerings from Yahoo! Mail and has more than 225 million active users every month.

The call recognition feature will cross-reference an incoming call with phone numbers already in the user’s email inbox and not necessarily the numbers that have been saved within the phone’s contacts.

Yahoo! says that with so many people using phone numbers as part of their email signatures, a potential phone has access to hundreds of these numbers to enable the identification of an incoming call to be easily made.

In other Miratrix mobile app news …

Police in Eire are to get a mobile phone app that will help them check driver details at the roadside rather than having to radio in for details. The app will offer secure access to driver details.

Mobile device users looking for enlightenment can do so with a new app called Ultimate Karma which will help people, it is claimed, of all religions around the world in their steps towards ‘Trust and Enlightenment’.

Industry watchers say that Snapchat is planning a move away from offering software and apps and will launch a smartphone that uses its apps already integrated into the phone.

New dating app Hotline won’t allow users to text other users without calling them first. Those behind the app say the endless texting and lack of contact is the biggest turn-off for users of romance apps, including Tinder.

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