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What we’re going to talk about is, a great event in London called ASO Barcamp. There’ve been four of them over the past couple of years. If you’re into ASO or just App marketing or you’re just looking for growth, starting from nothing, try to go to something, or try to improve in whatever you’re already doing, you should head down to ASO Barcamp and you meet people like me and they put on some great talks. Last night’s was Sebastian Nop, who was talking about growth hacking in the gaming industry, and as you can imagine, was AB testing and stuff like that.

The next speaker was Daniel Bower, who was talking about ASO and PR. We’re not all out to actually show you to the content they were talking about. I’m not really allowed to go in to any details because it’s all very hush, hush. If you get down there, speak to the experts yourself and chat to them and, if anything, you meet some really nice people. You’ll definitely learn something, there is no way you’re not going to learn something. That’s this week’s video, just telling you about things to go to, and learn, instead of just listening to me all the time.

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