Millions of Android Phones Hit by Malware

A major malware infection of Android phones could affect 10 million smartphone users as the mobile phone app creates fake clicks for adverts.

The warning comes from security researchers who say the malware is secretly installing apps and then spying on the phone user’s browsing habits.

The malware is currently generating around £230,000 a month for its creators.

However, most of the compromised smartphones are in China with other uses in India, Indonesia and the Philippines also affected.

The malware has been detected by two security firms who have each given the software different names; Checkpoint calls it ‘Hummingbad’ while Lookout calls it ‘Shedun’.

One security firm is warning that even with a factory reset the malware can remain in effect since it uses root privileges for installing extra mobile apps onto the user’s device.

Google says that it is constantly evolving its systems to help detect and block potential installations of infected apps and the latest Android update is said to tackle more than 100 vulnerabilities in its operating system.

Pokemon Go might be malware in disguise

A new malware is disguising itself as Pokemon Go to enable hackers to have full access to a mobile phone, researchers have revealed.

The smartphone game from Nintendo is currently very popular and allows users to collect Pokemon based on their location.

However, researchers have found a remote access kit is being bundled with the software which is currently at the top of the App Store charts in America but is unavailable currently in Europe.

This demand has led to a growing numbers of users installing non-official versions of the mobile phone app and this opens the door to a malware infection. Nintendo is warning that installing apps from other sources that are not officially vetted is ‘not advisable’.

The death of mobile news apps is predicted

The chief executive of Purple says that mobile phone news apps ‘are dying’ while texting ‘is the future’.

Purple text users everyday with information on news concerning science, technology and politics and also other messaging bots.

Rebecca Harris said: “App overload is an issue in general and it’s difficult to get someone to discover and then habitually use an app.”

Mobile phone app offers free beer as an incentive

A Czech beer firm has unveiled an app for over 18 users that will pinpoint the nearest outlet for its beers and as an incentive for using it, users can claim two free pints every month.

The Kozel Pint Finder is available now.

Cyclists get app to help in a crash

A new mobile phone app aimed at cyclists will detect whether the rider has been involved in a crash and automatically call a support centre to report it.

The Grdian app has just been launched and it utilises the smart phone sensors to help detect whether an emergency has occurred, for example a crash.

The phone will then dial automatically a 24/7 support centre and switch the speakerphone on.

The founder of the app, Simon Drinkall, said the app’s algorithm has been developed to monitor the cyclist’s energy and not their speed so there is constant monitoring for crash detection. Once the app makes a connection to the support centre, an operator will speak with the cyclist to determine whether they need emergency assistance and call for an ambulance if need be.

The mobile phone app also utilises the smart phone’s GPS to help pinpoint where the cyclist has had their accident.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news…

Indian phone users helped the numbers of mobile phone apps being downloaded every day rise by 16% in the first six months of this year. Apparently, the most popular apps being downloaded are for entertainment and social media.

The CNN news app for the Windows phone is being retired. Industry experts say the app probably has very few users but are expecting a Windows 10 news app to be announced in the coming months.

The next Apple iOS update will have a new app to enable users in America to donate their organs by joining a registry to enable the donation to take place after their death.

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