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A bit more on Marketing Apps at Christmas

I think it’s fair to to saye, disagree if you think otherwise, a lot of app companies don’t see the benefit of marketing an app at Christmas. I understand that some companies don’t believe their app lends itself to Christmas. In response to that I say ’tis the season’. The traffic uplifts in the app stores are pretty big over the Christmas and New Year period, this is because a lot of new handsets, upgraded handsets, or tablets are being put in people hands.

…lets look at Google Trends, again

You can see that over the years, though less as the market has become saturated in recent years, that there is a huge traffic spike from November through to January in the UK (this is also seen worldwide, I’m focusing on UK for now) for the term ‘download apps’.

Updates are good for you
We’re not sure how much weighting to give to ‘app freshness’, that is how regularly an app is updated, but it’s fair to say that content and feature updates are important for the user or customer which should be the only reason you need to updates your app. The ASO benefit is secondary…but also a good reason to keep your app up to date.

the old ‘my app isn’t seasonal’ excuse
Oh, go on! Be creative. Do a 12 days of Christmas push, run a competition through your app or simply reskin you app to be festive. There are lots of things you could do, it depends on your business and what your offer.

Develop a new user base

This is a great time to get new users on-board. Using the natural uplift in traffic and optimising for seasonal search phrases will get you exposed to a new groups of people who may not have even know you existed or previously had a reason to look for what you offer.

make sure you make a good first impression

Getting a person to download is much easier than keeping that person engaged. First impressions are everything and if you don’t ‘act’ right and pull the user in you are unlikely to ever convert them to a loyal user or customer. Here are some things to thing about:

  • Data collection – if you’re catching details make it quick
  • Intro and how to use – if your app has a nack to using it, give clear instructions on how to do so
  • Push – Even if you’ve did really well to make the app use easy you still need to pull them back in from time to time

A quick example

As hinted at before updating the app is also a chance to review your seasonal keywords. A great example would be a food app, updated keywords for Christmas recipes would allow rank and catch that engage user and start to build a long term relationship with.

Get on it!

As with all things app related it completely depends on your industry and what your offering is as to how you would approach the Christmas season. It’s not entirely too late to get some wins out of tweaking your app for the season. So why not give it a try? You’ve nothing to lose.

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