Many Firms Don’t Have Security-Proofed Apps

A firm that specialises in automated mobile security tools has warned that just four of the firms listed in the FTSE 100 have properly ensured that their apps are security proofed.

Codefied says that thousands of consumers using these apps are leaving themselves wide open to serious security risks because they are not connecting with Wi-Fi on a regular basis.

This means they miss out on regular updates offering vital security fixes.

And the firm says with the growth of better 4G coverage means there will be fewer users connecting to a Wi-Fi offering to update their phone’s security.

The founder of Codified told a conference that network carriers make it difficult to access their network automatically as a default to prevent high data usage.

The firm also acknowledges that the poor reputation for public Wi-Fi systems being insecure does not help and many smartphone users only connect to a trusted network they find at home or in the office though large numbers use neither.

Solar app launched

A new app aimed at helping boost the take-up for solar panel roof top installations has been launched after being inspired by the Pokémon GO app.

The Look Up app effectively turns into a game the search for a rooftop that would prove suitable for a solar panel installation.

The app has been developed by 10:10, a climate action charity, and will provide a roof top adventure, it claims, for ‘solar treasure hunters’ with users able to map the solar potential of their area.

The app has a simple premise with users photographing a building they think has potential for a solar installation and the smartphone will utilise its GPS and analyse the image to estimate the potential of a solar panel installation for that building.

App designed to take on Uber gains more support

Taxi firms across the North East of England have teamed up to launch an alternative to Uber called Karhoo.

The app started life in London last May and is steadily increasing its presence around the country and now has a network of around 120,000 taxis listed.

Newcastle is the latest addition to the network and will sign up established taxi firms rather than individual drivers like Uber does.

The firm behind the app says customers are given more choice with clear pricing and it’s a simple way for supporting local firms.

Tesco unveils app to catch errant parkers

Staff at 81 Tesco stores have been given an app to catch drivers parking in parent and child as well as disabled parking bays without reason.

Those shoppers caught doing so face a fine of £70.

The app will be rolled out over the coming weeks to 200 more stores.

Staff using the app will take pictures of a vehicle breaking its rules and the data is sent to a car park management firm which then finds the driver’s details to issue a £40 penalty notice. If this is not paid after 14 days, it rises to £70.

Tesco says it will not make money from the move since the cash collected will cover its fees and running costs.

The move to bring in a smartphone app comes after growing complaints of drivers increasingly abusing parking bays that are closer to the store’s entrance.

In other smartphone news …

Despite being hailed as one of the best smartphones ever made, it appears that Google’s Pixel will not have optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology installed. This is a setback for those who want to use the phone for taking better photographs and videos.

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