Instagram & Facebook Ads Best For Developers?

Looking to boost mobile app downloads? Facebook and Instagram could be key

Finding buyers for mobile apps is always a difficult task – but now research reveals that developers have seen sparkling results by advertising using Instagram and Facebook ads.
Indeed, those who did advertise saw the number of apps being downloaded boosted by 196% in the final three months of 2015.

The figures come from analysts Kenshoo who also reveal that the amount being spent on advertising mobile apps grew by 155% over the same period.
The firm also reveals that in the last four months of last year, one in five of all install ad clicks came from Instagram.

Perhaps the biggest incentive is that the research reveals that advertising on Instagram means new customers can be found at a lower cost since adverts on the platform are cheaper than Facebook despite having nearly identical rates for click throughs.

Tasty boost for Domino’s Pizza led by mobile app use

The number of orders being made for Domino’s Pizza from mobile apps rocketed by more than 41% last year with an incredible 11.5 million people having now downloaded the firm’s app.
Domino’s has also seen a big surge in online orders to help them record a big leap in pre-tax profits which is mainly down to its growth in digital sales.
The firm’s chief executive David Wild said: “Since our app was launched two or three ago our customers have found it easy to get hold of pizza and it’s our most important trend.”

Inaccurate mobile app for blood pressure raises fears

However, it’s not all good news for mobile app developers this week with a new study revealing that one of the bestselling ever smartphone apps before it was pulled from the market is coming under close scrutiny.
Researchers found that the IBP – Instant Blood Pressure – app which cost £3.50 gave a false reading in 75% of tests.
After its release in June 2014, the app spent 156 days in the bestselling charts with at least 950 being bought every day. The app was withdrawn from sale in July last year for ‘unexplained reasons’.
Researchers say there could be issues for someone relying on the app to deliver accurate blood pressure readings.

In other mobile app news….

Google says it is testing a new mobile app which allows users to buy services and items via their smartphone without them having to take their phone out. It’s called ‘Hands Free’ and uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect with a till; Microsoft has also signalled its intention for bringing more mobile apps to the market by buying platform provider Xamarin to help developers enable apps to be used across Windows, iOS and Android; Wearable tech looks set to be this year’s buzzword with news that device makers have shipped more than 27 million units in the last quarter of 2015 – the big surge in demand of 127% on the year previously with Fitbit leading the charge followed by Apple and then Xiaomi.

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