MTX7: How to Spot Fake App Reviews

This week I’ve been doing a lot of review mining. You can’t help be cynical about the app review situation as we all know that there are a lot of companies out there spending cash on buying reviews to boost their rankings.

From my point of view some reviews are incredibly easy to spot, especially in Google Play where the plus profiles are a big indicator to if it’s a zombie account or not.

So my question today is: What do You Think the Key Indicators are of a spam app review is.

If you post below I can compile them then we can see if we can create a tool that will identify a spammy review.

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Video Transcript: How to Spot Fake App Reviews

Hi. I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to the first video of 2016. Firstly, I’ve got to apologize, I’ve got a bit of a cold going on so my voice is a bit blah. Secondly, we’re going to talk about what we’re going to talk about in the video this week which is reviews because I’ve been doing a lot of review, specifically this week, tons of it.

When I go through it, I think to myself, what ones of these are spam. I think my question to everybody this week is, what things do you look for when you’re looking at reviews that make you think spam. For me, it’s really short reviews, great app, five stars. I know that a lot of these could be legitimate, right, but realistically I think quite a few of them are fake in certain situations.

Other ones are heavily, keyword, focused ones because we know that the keywords in reviews really help. On occasion, you look to see, you can’t really do this with the Apple Store, but with Google Play, looking at the Google profiles and seeing who they are and looking to see if the profiles actually have content published on them, which all of them don’t. If they do, they have, if you’ve ever seen fake Facebook profiles, they look really similar to that.

I would like your feedback. I would like people to tell me what they think is a fake looking review. We’re going to build what a fake looking review looks like and possibly, maybe a bit controversial, look at some of the bigger apps out there and see if any of them have, what would look like, a fake review.

Okay, so I will get on this. I need you guys to feedback and I’ll speak to you all next week.

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