Ground-breaking App Used by Air Ambulance Crews

A new app which enables air ambulance services to see patients before arriving to treat them is currently under trial.

The GoodSam app is being put through its spaces in two areas in England with the app sending a link to whoever called 999 on a mobile phone to open live streaming.

The images will then show medics how poorly the patient is before they set off.

Results so far, claim those air crews who have tested it, ‘have been promising’.

New bank app allows access to 21 different banks

The new mobile phone app from HSBC enables users to access up to 21 different banks including Barclays, Lloyds and Santander.

Customers will now be able to see all their accounts on one screen, regardless of who they bank with.

The Connected Money app also allows users to add their savings, mortgages and loans accounts but it’s only available for iOS users currently. Android users will be able to use it ‘soon’.

iOS Messages users hit by ‘Black Dot’

Users of Apple’s Messages app are being warned over a malicious text called the ‘Black Dot’ which will force their iPhone to freeze and, potentially, overheat.

When the text message is opened there is a black dot followed by thousands of Unicode characters which are invisible and flood the phone’s CPU until the Messages app stops working.

The users that open the text message will find their phone will be paralysed and removing it will be difficult since restarting means they will jump back into the app – and the issue begins all over again.

Indeed, until Apple releases a firmware update to address the problem, users will struggle to overcome the problem.

WhatsApp users get a warning too

Meanwhile, WhatsApp users are being warned not to open an innocent looking message since it is malicious.

The subject line reads, ‘This is very interesting!’ but has hidden characters within it which will force the phone to shut down or stop working.

Google’s Play Store security questioned

Researchers have questioned Google’s security protection after apps that had been banned from the Play Store simply changed name and were put back on sale.

Symantec say they found seven malicious apps that were previously removed by Google after being flagged up as security risks.

However, they say that the apps have been re-uploaded from new developer accounts with a new name and are available for download.

After the apps were re-reported, Google has now removed them once more.

In other Miratrix news …

It has been revealed that the UK government has asked five app consultancy firms to develop an immigration app that will be used to help register’s EU citizens after Brexit.

A class action lawsuit has been launched in California against Facebook after revelations that the firm collected data logs of phone calls and messages through via its smartphone apps.

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