Google Announces Shift to Focus on Apps

It one of the most anticipated days for developers around the world, and Google’s annual developer conference this year did not disappoint.

Among the many announcements, was one of the software firm’s announcement to develop mobile phone apps.

Google says it will spend less time developing its Android mobile operating system and more time developing its digital assistant and popular photo app.

Industry watchers say Google has effectively revealed that apps and its voice assistant are now increasingly important to its future.

Meanwhile, those attending the conference also heard that the firm’s stand-alone Daydream VR headset already has more than 150 apps available and developers are working on more.

Android ransomware flaw to be fixed

A flaw in Android that is used by 74% of ransomware attacks is set to be fixed this summer.

That is when the firm’s new operating system, Android O, is being released.

While many legitimate apps use the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW command, it can be used by ransomware attackers to lock users of their phones.

Also, industry watchers say the new operating system will offer improvements for text-based verification services.

Apparently, the Android O system will check text messages automatically and should the relevant code be detected the user will be able to access apps directly without the need to seek permissions.

British retailers could do more with apps

A survey from Eagle Eye has revealed that retailers in the UK are failing to utilise mobile phones to enhance their customer’s shopping experiences.

In a report, the firm says that 60% of young buyers will use their phone while in a store but less than 20% will use it to redeem promotions or make payments.

Eagle Eye says that consumers are open to receiving mobile promotions and 68% said they would find it helpful to receive vouchers while shopping.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news …

People visiting pubs would be encouraged to spend more if they could use their smartphone as a digital wallet, according to research. There has been a sharp rise in numbers using mobile technology in hospitality and there is potential for apps to help pubgoers order food and have the items delivered to their table.

Payment apps have taken off in Russia and their usage is now 60% higher than those who pay for services on websites. The most popular apps are for making money transfers, ordering from online stores and paying for mobile phone services.

A survey in China has revealed that expats living and working there are enthusiastic users of Chinese apps including WeChat. Many expats are using the service for video chat as well as voice calls and tend to communicate with emoji stickers – and their use is more popular than with Chinese people.

Apps being sold in the Chinese App Store have been told to remove tip functions since Apple has decided these are in-app purchases and liable to 30% commission. The move follows a growth in free apps that enable users to offer monetary tips to content creators and authors.

Users of Microsoft’s GroupMe apps can now access polls on their mobile devices. The function enables users to sort and collect their friends and contacts into easier to manage groups.

A burglar in Ipswich has been jailed after a barking dogs’ app alerted the homeowner to the break in. The owner had internal cameras fitted to monitor her dogs and the app alerted her to them making a noise. When checking her phone, the owner saw the burglar in her kitchen and then called police.

Users with an Android smartphone that’s been ‘jailbroken’ will not be able to access Netflicks’ mobile app, the firm has announced.

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