Facebook Unveils Terms Revamp

Facebook has unveiled a number of changes to its terms of service, including those that cover using its apps, in a bid to make its data policies clearer.

The firm also urges users to check regularly for updates.

The social network has enjoyed a torrid time in recent weeks with revelations that huge numbers of its users’ personal data was being harvested by app developers and the firm itself.

The data policy changes also extend to Instagram and Messenger with Facebook saying that these terms will make clear that it will personalise the service it offers to users by using the choices, connections and settings that the user’s select.

Skyscanner app expands in UK

Skyscanner has unveiled that its iPhone app users are now not just able to access flights and hotel booking information but they can buy cheap rail tickets in the UK.

The firm’s mobile apps have been downloaded by more than 70 million users and these mobile devices account for 60% of the firm’s traffic. The new offering is only available in the UK currently.

Skyscanner says as an Android phone app is still in development.

Parents warned over dangerous apps for children

Parents are being warned that there are 10 potentially dangerous mobile phone apps being used by children and they should ensure their offspring stay safe.

The warning comes amid growing fears that youngsters are being exposed to danger online and several regional newspapers have been highlighting the work of a US-based blogger.

In their research, it’s claimed that there are some apps that are ‘off-limits’ and parents should ensure that their child has not downloaded them.

The first is a calculator app and while it looks like a calculator, it’s really a secret photo vault.

This means a user can hide private videos and photos in plain sight with the app is also able to store private notes and surf with a private browser.

The Omegle app has also been highlighted since this gives children a chance to chat online to strangers and Yubo (formerly Yellow) which enables youngsters to swap photos and text with a stranger nearby.

Other apps highlighted include Ask.fm, Whisper, Burnbook, Hot or Not, Wishbone and Kik Messenger.

Checkout-less shopping app being developed

Sainsbury’s has revealed that it is developing an app for mobile phones to enable customers to pay without using the checkout.

The app follows in the steps of the Amazon Go stores in Seattle and other apps are also being developed by Budgens and the Co-op in the UK.

Now, an in-house team at Sainsbury’s is looking to deliver a faster and seamless shopping experience without the need to queue at checkouts.

It has already been trialled at the supermarket’s store at London Euston station for meal deal offers.

Meanwhile, queue management systems firm, Qmatic, has unveiled an app that enables shoppers to join a vertical queue while they are shopping without having to stand with other shoppers physically.

The customer uses an app to scan a QR code and they select a service from a menu including the option of virtually queueing.

In other mobile phone app news …

Growing numbers of teachers say that mobile phones should be banned in school since pupils are using apps to take upskirt and down blouse shots to publish on social media websites. Some teachers have also had images posted on YouTube. One union says that teachers have been targeted on Facebook while others have had to endure threats online.

The popular battle shooter game Fortnite is now available on the iOS app store. However, the app is only available for those phones that aren’t older than the iPhone SE or 6S.

Popular dating app Grindr has hit the headlines after it was revealed that the app was sharing its users HIV status with outside companies. The firm says ‘these are standard practices’ for the mobile app ecosystem and no information is being sold.

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