Fabric snapped-up by Google

Fabric, Twitter’s mobile app developer platform, has been snapped-up by Google.

The move will see the Fabric team being merged with Google’s Firebase app development arm.

The app developer platform was popular – particularly for its Crashlytics reporting system and Answers, the mobile app analytics function.

Since its launch in 2014, developers have used a suite of development tools to create around 2.5 billion apps created by 580,000 developers.

Staff banned from using messaging apps

Deutsche Bank has announced plans to ban the use of all mobile phone-based messaging services which it cannot monitor in a bid to improve security and compliance.

This means staff will be prevented from using messaging apps including iMessage and WhatsApp and sending text messages.

The ban extends to both bank-provided phones and personally-owned mobiles.

The top 10 app downloading nations revealed

According to an analytics firm, India has now leapfrogged the US and Brazil to become the country that downloads most apps from Google’s Play Store.

The news comes from App Annie and their annual study also claims that China is now the biggest earner for Apple’s iOS store.

The report also reveals that customers downloaded more than 90 billion apps from the two app stores in 2016 and India tops the Google store downloads since it is now, says the United Nations, the world’s second biggest market for smartphones.

Indians are apparently interested in shopping apps as well as messaging and social apps.

Meanwhile, other research has revealed that app consumers believe they are not getting the interactive and high-quality experience they demand.

The findings from developer Apadmi reveal that with Brits downloading more shopping apps in the past year than in the year previously, just 40% of them said they were satisfied.

The report also reveals that 20% of consumers want to see retailers spending more on innovation to improve their apps, while 30% said they would use the apps more often if they were able to do more than just browse and buy.

Another app sparks privacy concerns

A photo editing app that has gone viral is raising privacy concerns for Android users.

Meitu turns its user’s images into Japanese-style anime characters and has racked up more than one billion downloads.

However, it has been alleged that users are giving away lots of information to the Chinese tech firm that created the app.

In addition to accessing the user’s camera and storage, the app also has access to phone numbers and the user’s location.

The Chinese firm says it is not collecting information to sell onto third parties.

In other Miratrix mobile phone apps news …

The Chinese government is demanding that all app stores are registered so they can control apps that are ‘spreading false information’ and creating security risks.

The growing popularity of apps in Vietnam has led to motorcycle taxi drivers becoming angry over their loss of income with the increasing popularity of Uber and navigation apps.

Farmers in India are increasingly turning to mobile apps to help them with crops and weather prediction with start-ups and tech firms being supported by the government to help deliver what farmers are needing. Industry experts there say the use of apps and the internet is set to rocket in rural areas.

Mobile games are taking off in Southeast Asia with young gamers particularly spending more money on apps and boosting game company revenues as a result.

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