Enterprise Mobile Apps Are ‘Unfriendly’

While users say enterprise apps are living up to expectations in terms of functionality, they do not deliver a solid user experience.

That’s the result from a survey of 4,000 office workers in the US who said they used mobile apps at work but they were usually underwhelmed by their experiences.

The survey from an app development company says there is a missed opportunity for the development of apps that help with work-related issues.

The firm says it was surprised by the small number of workers who have access to mobile apps that have been provided by their employer to help them perform better at work.

Now, the firm says, employers should invest more in the user experience in a bid to boost usage since most of those who responded said enterprise apps do help improve their productivity.

Indeed, they say that employers that focus on the user experience will see their efforts being separated from the ‘bad’ enterprise apps.

Google announces closer integration between web and phone apps

Google has revealed that its Android apps and web apps are going to work more closely in future to deliver a better user experience.

The firm says it will integrate progressive web apps in its Android platform through app shortcuts for users to enjoy.

The move will allow app developers to create prompts for users to add a shortcut on their home screen to a web app; this ability first appeared on web apps in 2015 through a Chrome update for Android.

Shopping with smartphones grows in popularity

It’s been revealed that 78% of smartphone users have made at least one purchase on their device within the last six months.

The findings from MEF reveal that users bought items through their apps or a mobile website or have used their smartphone as a payment device while in a shop.

Of those who were questioned, 36% of users bought a physical object with the phone, that is a big rise from the 12% registered in 2014.

Another 26% of people said they used an app to buy food, another big rise from the 15% who said they used their mobile device for buying drink or food in 2014.

Researchers say that with the number of apps dedicated to ordering food growing, it’s likely this will help fuel more purchases by phone.

However, the overall spend on digital purchases in the last two years has fallen to 30% from 37%, while 33% of users said they had bought an app for their device, a rise from 2014’s 17% response.

Researchers questioned smartphone users in nine countries including the UK and the US and the findings also illustrate that there is a clear migration from desktop to mobile that is increasing which means businesses must now offer products and services via a mobile channel or lose business.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news

Viewers using mobile apps to watch videos has been in decline for several years now and fell by 5% in 2016, according to JW Player. Most people are using social media platforms rather than using apps for viewing.

The BBC iPlayer app will begin to be shut down on a number of mobile device platforms following a major announcement from the corporation. The decision will mean iPlayer fans having to upgrade their mobile phone in order to continue using the service since those with Windows phones will not be able to access the site within a few weeks.

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