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Time For Christmas Apps!

I play around a lot on Google Trends, it’s got some great data. You don’t even need to be imaginative, Google have curated information on trending data everything from Nikki Minaj to the war in Syria.

It’s coming up for Christmas. I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to mention it but as a marketer it’d be poor show of me not to talk about it. I thought a post on Christmas App Marketing Research would be useful for you all.

I decided to look into Christmas Apps in Google Trends and see what the opportunity is in that space and help anyone who’s got an app or thinking of making one find a way to capitalise on it.

First of all. Lets look at the general trend since 2007.

It’s growing every year and doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. Maybe we’ll see it top out this year but I don’t think that’ll be the case.

Is November too late to start?

Amazingly enough, interest in Christmas apps start in July. But November isn’t too late to start. November is when it really starts to ramp up in interest. If you’ve got an app ready get it refreshed and get on to your keyword research. For those of you that want to make an app. This the time to get it done, I’d suggest getting a simple out now and iterating over the peak period. Nothing like a fresh app to keep the app stores interested.

What Region Should You Target?

As my first and best language is English I’m only looking at English data. I’m sure Spanish markets will be big for this too. What stood out to me is USA isn’t the market showing the most interest. It’s the UK. This is only interest not volume. It’s likely that the US will yield you much more downloads than the UK. However the UK could be a good market to launch in and test things out. From the data UK seem more engaged in this niche.

Don’t know what sort of app to build? Lets assume you’ve have the time and/or  you need the extra cash to pay for Christmas but you don’t know what you should you build? Trends can help here too. It gives you a list of long tailed keywords that give you a good idea what what people want from a Christmas app.

Don’t forget. This data is interest, trend, data not actual volumes. If the highest interests has a low volume then everything that follows will be lower. Make sense? If not stick a message in the comments and I’ll do my best to explain it better.

Why stop at just one app?

This is where I’d say why think small? No single app can do every job well. Why don’t you make an suite of Christmas apps all branded in the same way. That means when next Christmas comes around you’ll have a loyal user base and a brand to stand behind.

…in true app gaming style.

I’m offer 10 free points (I’ve not idea what you can buy with the points, if anything) to the person that can tell me who the silhouette is in the post feature image! Come on…

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