Apps For Keyless Cars, Charity and More!

First keyless car is unveiled

There will be no more frantic searching when someone can’t find their car keys to get to work in the morning with Volvo unveiling the first keyless car.

Instead, owners will use a mobile phone app to unlock the doors and the boot and also start the engine remotely. Mercedes is also following the same route with its E-Class.

However, for owners who aren’t comfortable with the prospect of using a mobile phone app to unlock their car, they can specify a key instead. The firm says that ‘within a generation’ using a digital key will not be seen as a novel way to open a car.

The only downside, says Volvo, is that a smartphone could run out of battery but the firm insists that if the owner appreciates that the phone is their car key then the battery will be fully charged at all times.
The new system will be operational in Volvo’s V90 and S90 cars which will be in showrooms in the next few months.

Mobile apps boost church collections

A mobile phone app is boosting church collections as growing numbers of people opt to use it rather than put cash onto the collection plate.

The ChurchApp enables parishioners to make donations via their smartphone and user numbers have increased by 10% over the past year.

The man behind the app says it probably will not bring an end to the collection plate but for those parishioners who carry cards rather than cash, then the smartphone app is a convenient way to donate money.

Mobile app for bank account does away with the need for PIN

We have all done it, struggled to remember a PIN number or the security password to access our bank account but a new app does away with this need and HSBC customers will soon be able to use a mobile phone app for fingerprint or voice verification instead.

Around 15 million customers of the bank, along with those from First Direct, will no longer need to type in numbers or passwords in what is called the ‘largest roll-out in the UK of voice biometric security technology’.
A spokeswoman for HSBC said: “The launch of touch and voice ID makes it quicker for customers to access their bank account and will use the body which is the most secure form of passport technology.”
Customers of First Direct will be able to enrol in their voice ID program in a few weeks, while for HSBC customers this will occur in the summer. The customers can also use touch ID by downloading a specific mobile banking app.

The Miratrix mobile phone app news round-up

Microsoft has finally started rolling out its Windows 10 Mobile platform and users with phones running Windows 8.1 can download an app to check whether their device will handle the upgrade to Windows 10. Tinder for pets? That’s the app idea launched by Zeppee to help potential owners adopt abandoned dogs, cats and even snakes. Nato has been warned that people smugglers in the Aegean can track their ship’s movements via the £2.99 MarineTraffic mobile phone app to avoid detection when smuggling people to Greece.

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