MTX6: ASO App Store Freeze 2015 Is So 2014!

Last year we urged our all to get your keywords in order for the 2014 App Store Freeze. This year we didn’t, why? Watch the video!

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MTX5: Amsterdam, Apps Developer Alliance’s Developer Workshop

This week’s video comes to your from Amsterdam. I really wanted to do the video on the banks of the canal but was too dangerous…you know, with all those bikes almost colliding with me!

I was in Amsterdam for the Apps Developer Alliance’s developer workshop. Install’s to registrations came up. I know we all believe that this is an important metric but do we really spend enough time on it?

Check out what I’ve got to say below!

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MTX4: APS Berlin 2015 – My Best Take Away

Hello! This week’s video is from Berlin a day after APS Berlin. Again another great day meeting app marketers for a natter. Watch the video to find out what myself and some clever cookies though the most important app marketing lever for 2016. Read more


About once a month I get asked what the benchmark for Mobile App Retention is and what a client’s should be. Here’s what I usually say to people that ask me this question:

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Are We At App Peak? Can We Work Out When App Peak Is?

Last week’s video challenged Takumi’s claim that Instagram is the most influential social channel. BTW We tweeted them for clarification (below). No response. Which is a shame. Read more