Candy Crush Saga Vomits Over Waterloo!

For those of you would didn’t see it in 3D this is a little post on an takeover of Waterloo station by King for their game Candy Crush Saga. This was difficult to ignore not just from a marketers eye but from a consumer. I’ve did my best to show the impact but I don’t think the photo’s quite do it justice. The advertising dominated the eye line as the name of the article says it was like the King had been sick all over Waterloo

Why so much OOH?

I think this approach speaks volumes about acquisition and the potential problems the big players are having in the traditional mobile channels.  I can’t imagine that they’ve opted for OOH (Out Of Home) advertising because the CPA had risen too high in online ads. It’s more likely that they ran out of inventory to buy and had to turn out OOH advertising to achieve volume and exposure. Alos I can’t see this as a branding exercise not many people need to be reminded of what Candy Crush is, old and young could tell you that.

Candy Crush Saga

Flooding the ad boards!

Candy Crush Candy Soda ads

The gummy bears are watching you!!!

More Candy Crush posters

Back Lit Candy Crush poster

Sodaliciious Candy Crush Ads

I’m not sure how to stay Sodalicious but I’ll try.

More ads

There’s another directly across the road from this. It was at either side of your peripheral.

6 candy crush ads in the eye line

I could only get in 4 with the camera but really you could see 6 at once. FYI there’s a great burrito place if you pan left of this photo.

Candy Crush ad

Says it all really.


Only 3 in the eye line!

Candy Crush Soda

Right outside a pub for something to do on the train home 😀

Candy Crush

2 in the eye line here. Tasty…I’m refering to the burrito across the street.

Candy Crush

Only one in the eye line

Candy Crush Saga Taxi

As if all the ads weren’t enough I also spotted a branded taxi!

It’d like to hear your thoughts on why they went all out at Waterloo. Do you agree with idea that they are struggling with traditional channels or do you think there is another reason. Shoot us a comment!

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