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Hello, welcome to this week’s study.

This week, we’re going to ask the question why even create a marketing budget, is development budget rarely included in that. We’re moving to a world of automation, lot of machine learning, getting rid of everyday kind of tasks, things that are just kind of rinse and repeat, and yet marketing budgets still don’t include development budget in order to build (inaudible) for your business.

And I’m not saying going out and build tools that already exist, you’ve got tasks that are very specific to your app and your business.

You should be building tools to do this for you. The efficiencies in doing that and the time that it creates for you as a marketer or people on your team instead of doing mind-numbing jobs that you feel (inaudible).

What I’m basically saying is when you’re creating a marketing budget, build in thing for development. We’re not going to be able to escape this automation. It is coming, it will replace people and jobs. That girl in marketing.

That’s this week’s video, it’s a bit of a rant the way I see things going. Ciao.

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