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Leveraging Vacant Shop Windows

The recession is hitting the High Street like nothing we’ve ever seen or are likely to see again. It’s a sort of High Street teraforming. A High Streetageddon. Businesses with more than one store in a city are finding it hard to justify the premium of rent and have begun to reduce overheads by closing […]

What is Content Marketing?

I’m not looking to write the definitive answer on what content marketing is, rather, just give a brief insight into what I see it as and some of the benefits it can bring to companies. Content marketing seems to be an easy to topic to write blog posts about but a difficult thing to do in […]

High Street VS Internet: Round 1

With the recent demise of Jessops and HMV, there has been a lot of talk of how the internet is killing the high street and how terrible it is that we’re going to be left with ghost towns. It would be difficult to argue that the high street isn’t changing but I think ‘dying’ is over dramatising […]