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Google Criticised for Spy Apps

Researchers say that Google is ‘cashing in’ by offering spy apps that help stalkers keep track of a victim via their smartphone. According to a report in The Times, there are more than 3,000 spy apps in Google’s Play Store with subscriptions of up to £30 a month for installing the technology on a target […]

Ground-breaking App Used by Air Ambulance Crews

A new app which enables air ambulance services to see patients before arriving to treat them is currently under trial. The GoodSam app is being put through its spaces in two areas in England with the app sending a link to whoever called 999 on a mobile phone to open live streaming. The images will […]

Android Users Warned Over Sophisticated Malware

Android smartphone users are being warned about a sophisticated malware strain that enables hackers to spy on just about any activity on a user’s phone. The malware steals pictures, contacts, messages, call logs as well as browser data. The strain is also capable of making audio recordings of calls being made and dial numbers. The […]

Warning Over Apps Leaking Personal Data

Internet security firm Kaspersky is warning that nearly four million smartphone apps are leaking sensitive data about the app’s user. The data being lost includes phone numbers and email addresses which is being transmitted unencrypted over the HTTP protocol. This was, researchers say, instead of using HTTPS, a more secure way for data communication. The […]

Google Rolls-out New Chat Messenger

Google has revealed that it has begun the global roll-out of a new Chat messaging service which they have designed to replace text messaging on Android phones. The firm has also revealed that it is pausing development of its Allo app. The Chat messaging service will have features including group text, read receipts and videos, […]

Facebook Unveils Terms Revamp

Facebook has unveiled a number of changes to its terms of service, including those that cover using its apps, in a bid to make its data policies clearer. The firm also urges users to check regularly for updates. The social network has enjoyed a torrid time in recent weeks with revelations that huge numbers of […]

Facebook Faces Lawsuit Over its Messenger App

Three Facebook Messenger app users have launched a lawsuit against the online giant over privacy concerns. They claim that the social network violated their privacy by compiling phone call logs and their text messages. The lawsuit follows Facebook’s acknowledgement that it has been accessing text and call logs from Android phones since 2015. The firm […]

New AR Apps and Games Unveiled

Google has unveiled a raft of new augmented reality apps and games for Android phones. The tech giant has unveiled more than 60 ARCore apps that are now available in its Play Store. ARCore is the platform that enables app developers to create augmented reality experiences for Android smartphones. Essentially, by using the phone’s camera, […]