‘Appy Christmas week!

2016 is nearly upon us and here’s to beginning a new chapter bursting with success! It’s been an interesting week, with much speculation and what’s to come next year. The founders of MCordis got together with Peggy Anne Salz to bring you a special podcast highlighting their predicted marketing trends of 2016.

But only a fool wouldn’t want a second opinion and luckily for us CEO of Priori Data Patrick Kane was also keen to share his insights of what the marketing trends of 2016 could bring.

Mobyaffiliates are also gunning for success and they shared some fantastic articles to end 2015 on a high note. No matter what your goal in life sometimes the sheer competition can seem overwhelming but don’t ever be put off by it, it just means there’s a market out there for your app. Mobyaffiliates App Marketing Campaign Playbook is a real treat and definitely worth a read if you want to stand out from the crowd with a successful app.

Coming up to Christmas everybody’s pulling the purse strings a bit tighter and sometimes the road less travelled is the best way to go. If your app isn’t earning you the gross you anticipated, don’t despair! Jamie Giggs of AppIndex solves our money woes with his enlightening article about potential earnings beyond the traditional app stores.



The better you know your competitor the easier it is to beat them. Priori data have released ‘Discovery’, a daily chart chronicling newcomer apps progress in the App Store top charts. It’s advanced filter options make it easy to monitor multiple markets. A great way to keep an eye on your competitors!

Anne Frier has some good new for game app developers, research has shown that they make up 38% of all apps on Apple TV app store. For fascinating download data and to get the inside scoop on what else is going on read her article here.


As we’re winding up the year, let’s take a look at some of the many apps that have come and gone. Zach Streich of Zacism takes a humorous look at the apps that everybody had to have before they deleted them.

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