Apps World London 2016

Chat bots look set to be the number one discussion point at Apps World London 2016 which will bring together some of the world’s most famous names, developers and start-ups to discuss where multi-platform applications will be heading.

Other themes being explored at the event include start-ups, mobile marketing and ‘developer’ with more structured networking functions this year including interactive features for those attending.

Organisers also say that virtual reality and artificial intelligence will also be featured heavily with more than 150 exhibitors showing off their latest products and 250 senior speakers from around the world.

Apps World takes place between 19 and 20 October at ExCel London.

People use apps at mealtimes

A survey has revealed an alarming social habit with one in five people admitting to regularly using their phone to check apps when dining out.

Indeed, they admit to checking phone apps at least three times during a restaurant meal, according to a survey into how the UK uses mobile technology.

Also, around one in four people admit to taking a photo of their restaurant meal, ‘frequently or always’, with 17% of them posting it on social media.

In addition, the survey reveals that mobile technology is also having an impact on how we pay for meals with 12% saying they use a mobile payment app to pay for their meal rather than use cash.

Google launches Allo

It’s been a long time coming but now Android has a messaging app to match Apple’s iMessage.

Allo follows hard on the heels of its Duo video messaging app and is now a direct competitor for FaceTime.

A worldwide rollout will begin this week.

With the new platform of apps, users can send messages, doodles, images and stickers regardless of whether they are using an Android device or an iPhone.

There is also an app feature which will reply to a message without the user typing a word since the app will analyse how the user talks and provide a list of suggested responses based on what it believes the user would say.

In other Miratrix news …

Complaints about the Apple iOS10 update continue to roll-in with users saying their battery life has been drastically affected while others complain their devices are overheating while others say their iPhone is no longer functional since the update.

Drivers caught using their mobile phones in the UK are to face larger fines and six points on their licence, the government has announced. The new rules will begin next year and along with the hefty six points, offending drivers may face a £200 fine. However, drivers who are newly qualified will be ordered to retake their test.

Apple is facing an antitrust investigation in Japan with accusations that it’s using illegal tactics to dominate the country’s smart phone sales, says a report from Reuters who quote senior anonymous government sources.

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