Apps Infected with Malware to Kill Smartphones

Millions of apps have been downloaded that contain malware that can kill a smartphone.

The warning comes from security firm Checkpoint which says the HummingWhale malware is hidden inside 20 apps for Android phones which have been downloaded millions of times by unsuspecting users.

The new malware is a variant of HummingGad but is more sophisticated – the app can even write fake reviews in a bid to entice people to download apps containing it.

Once the software has been implemented on a device, it will target adverts against the user’s will, including illegal material.

However, experts are also warning that HummingWhale could kill a smartphone by overloaded it with lots of dodgy apps to prevent it from operating properly.

Meanwhile, users of Netflix apps are being urged to check they are not using a fake app since the unofficial apps can record conversations and take photos secretly.

Testing begins on Android Instant Apps

Google has revealed that testing has started on its Android Instant Apps with the aim of developing and delivering a richer user experience and better search conversion.

The apps will run virtually on the firm’s data centres but only work with Android 6.0 and above.

They can also be run on a user’s phone without them having to install the app which should lead to big cost savings in a firm’s marketing spend.

The big attraction for firms will be a better user experience and a higher conversion rate of customers.

Essentially, a user could search for flight information on Google from their mobile device and select the link from the search results and then, without them realising it, be engaged in an app user experience without needing to download the app to do so to complete a transaction.

Chinese ‘digital envelopes’ take off

Over the Chinese New Year, millions of well-wishers will follow a tradition of giving cash-filled red envelopes to those they love.

However, offering these envelopes in the digital fashion is now taking off with millions of people using apps that utilise social messaging services.

Indeed, last year, the numbers using digital red envelopes rocketed by 10 times to 32 billion envelopes from 516 million people.

This year, it is predicted that 100 billion digital envelopes will be sent by well-wishers from around the world.

In other Miratrix mobile phone app news …

Apple has announced that its voice-recognition function, Siri, will be installed for apps on its Apple Watch.

Some say there’s no money in apps but start-up Button has just received £16 million in funding. The app connects its users to leading brands to earn cash and makes it easier for apps to integrate with others.

Two in five people in the UK say hands-free kits for mobile phones should be banned while behind the wheel of a car. The Department for Transport survey also reveals that 40% say that all mobile phone should be banned while driving.

Chinese authorities have revealed a crackdown on ‘snatching apps’ which are aimed at stealing tickets, particularly for travel, from a user’s mobile phone.

App developers need to be aware that the Android Nougat 7.0 update has been halted after more issues. The latest has seen Sony Xperia users having poor performance issues as have Samsung S7 users.

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