Apps in Google Play Store Spy on Users

Researchers have revealed that there were four mobile phone apps available in Google’s Play Store which spied on the user’s phones in secret.

Lookout says the apps are running malicious code, it has given it the name of ‘Overseer’, which enable the app to track the user’s longitude and latitude and also collect details of who they have been emailing and when.

A spokesman for the firm said: “This information is valuable to anyone wanting to find out where someone is and who they are talking with.”

Lookout also says that while they don’t know who created Overseer, it is using a novel technique to avoid being detected.

Google says it has now remove the apps from its Play Store and refused further comment.

Thousands hit by a Pokemon Go malicious app

Users of Android phones have also been hit by a malicious app from Google Play Store which seizes the phone’s root access rights to install and uninstall other apps as well as displaying unsolicited adverts.

The app is a guide to using Pokemon Go and has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, according to Kaspersky Lab experts who found the malicious software.

At least 6,000 of those downloads have been successful infections.

Anyone concerned that they have downloaded what could be an infected mobile phone app is being urged to scan their device with a mobile antivirus which have the tools to help remove the rerouting software though this can be a complex procedure.

English use the Internet more than those in Scotland and Wales

A report from telecoms watchdog Ofcom has revealed that Internet users in England are online more than people in Scotland and Wales.

People in England are online for around 22 hours every week whereas in Scotland the average use is 20.8 hours and in Wales it is 17.8 hours.

For 95% of users in England, they are browsing the web, 93% are using their online time for email and 82% buy goods online.

People in Wales also use their smartphones less often, just 51% download apps compared to 70% of Scottish smartphone owners who download the most.

Facebook app go back to the future

Industry watchers are predicting that Facebook’s Messenger app is going to revive the traditional chat room so users can chat with strangers and friends without leaving their app.

The move is set to be announced shortly though some have already been able to launch chat rooms with friends and strangers – the rooms have a number of features not found in the normal Messenger.

Facebook closed down its chat rooms in October 2014 with app experts stating the firm’s app was not performing well enough for them.

In other mobile phone app news …

The RAC has flagged up a worrying number of drivers using their mobile phones while behind the wheel of a car and is urging the government to act with stiffer penalties for those who are caught. The organisation says there’s been a ‘significant increase’ in the numbers who admit to using a phone while driving, including using apps.

The Daily Mail has featured a young hacker who claims to use the internet Speedtest app on his mobile phone for accessing free data for his pre-paid T-mobile sim card. The article reveals that it is not yet known whether the method can be replicated on other mobile phone networks around the world.

Customers of T-Mobile in the US have been warned not to upgrade to iOS10 for their iPhone. The firm says there are connectivity issues.

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