App Store Freeze 2014, Who’s Ready?

This is just a quick reminder to everyone about the App Store freeze. For those that don’t know what this is, it’s when the Apple App Store team go on Christmas holiday and no more submissions are accepted until their return.

So? What’s the big deal?

…I hear you ask. A side effect of this is that all the App Store result pages also freeze. What this means is if you push your App Store Optimisation prior to this and gain extra positions prior to the freeze you will will hold that position for the 7 days that the App Store is effectively closed. In turn reap a whole load of unchallenged downloads.

The key dates!

  • Freeze period Dec. 22nd to Dec. 29th (Mon to Mon
  • Make sure that your changes are scheduled, submitted, and approved by Dec. 18 (Thurs)
  • Give yourself 7 days to get approved, this means all submissions should to be in by Dec. 11 (tomorrow!!)

Not got a feature to update?

Don’t worry if you’ve not got any features to update for the freeze. It’s perfectly fine to only update the keywords, description, title, logo, video and or screen shots of your app to attract new users.

What you waiting for!?!

You’ve only got about a 1 and a half days to really get things together so stop reading this post and get too it!

Need some up idea’s?

Last month we did a post talking about app marketing around the Christmas period, check out our Christmas App Marketing post here!

Good luck everyone and if you get any great successes from making changes I’d love to hear about them – either comment below, email me or tweet me which ever way is easiest for you.

Ciao for now!

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