App Store Revamp Will Change How People Discover Apps

A new makeover is being planned for Apple’s App Store in the next few weeks which will introduce a ‘For You’ tab to make finding apps easier.

It also makes it easier for Apple to push phone apps it believes users will want based on prior downloads and purchases.

This is the first time the App Store will have tailored content that is based on a user’s preferences though they have previously had ‘Apps we love’ and ‘Hot right now’.

Industry watchers say the new tab will work in a similar way that Apple Music offers recommended artists to users and will mine a user’s data to find out what they like.

App allows users to summon special forces

It was only a matter of time but now there is an app that enables users to summon ‘Special Forces’ at the touch of a button.

It’s been launched by a London-based company that will track a user’s location around the clock and also analyse where they are for nearby threats and alert the user by sending messages to their phone.

It’s called ‘Overwatch’ and it also has a panic button that will alert a team on the ground, and they may be armed if necessary, to rescue the user in one of 88 countries in which they work.

The idea is that the rescue team will save them from terrorist attacks and natural disasters as well as medical emergencies and criminal activity.

The price for round-the-clock protection starts at £65 a month.

Switzerland unveils security app

In a bid to alert people that a natural disaster or terrorist attack is underway, the authorities in Switzerland have announced plans for a new mobile phone app.

The app will be on sale next year and will be run by the federal police and the Federal Office for Civil Protection.

The move follows similar systems that already exist in some German states and in France.

Switzerland already has a text alert system to warn people of child abductions which was launched in 2011 but it is only available for those who register for the service.

Now the mobile phone app will be a fully-fledged online disaster alert service and will send out warnings in French, German and Italian to warn of floods, earthquakes as well as nuclear accidents. The app will also warn people of terror alerts.

App will detect when phone is used by drivers

Drivers in Qatar who use their mobile phones behind the wheel will find this will become more difficult after the government unveiled its own app that will detect when a mobile phone is being used by a motorist.

Work on the app started in 2014 and the government says it expects a low take-up for what is a voluntary app.

However, the government is targeting employers to install the app onto their employees’ phones to encourage wider adoption since the government believes that employers have a range of regulations that restrict the use of mobile phones while driving.

Essentially, managers can set the parameters for when the app can and cannot be used and any violation can be used by the employer as a result.

The government has also a consultation about how drivers can restrict the use of mobile phones when they are driving.

Prisma heads to Android

It’s been a popular app on iOS for a while now, and the makers of photo editing tool Prisma have launched it for Android users.

Prisma is popular because it enables users to turn a photo into a work of art by simply overlaying filters that turns the images into a painting.

In other Miratrix app news

Facebook is apparently targeting users on Chrome and Safari to use their Messenger. So far around 900 million people use the app regularly but many Facebook users have used a loophole to avoid using the Messenger app as they use the browsers that do not force users to commit to Messenger.

Windows Office has received another minor update in its Windows Store. The official release has made the use of various apps much easier including the ability to move and drag tables in Word Mobile.

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