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One of the best articles I read this week is by splitmetrics, and A/B testing tool, showing data of conversion rates on app listing pages. That is from visit to install. Certainly a lot to think about.

As well as this I’ve decided to release version of our App Review Mining tool for public use. It’s not full supported at the moment but if you guy’s like it we’ll happy put resource behind support.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Transcript: App Review Mining Tool & Listing Page CR Optimisation | MTX9

Hi, I’m Nick Duddy from Miratrix and welcome to this week’s video. We’re going to talk about conversion rate optimization for app store optimizations. We’ll have optimizations there. This is off the back of a study that basically I think everybody should check out by SplitMetrics, which is a tool for AB testing your app listing page. We use it and think it’s really quite good.

Basically they did a study and it gives you what the conversion rate average is across the app store, but also breaks it down by category and there’s a few other bits of information in there that are fantastic. Definitely, good food for thought, so I’m going to post it after this video on my Twitter so that’s @nickduddy and you can check it out there.

In other news, kind of decided that the internal tool that we use for doing better our app review mining releasing a sort of beta free use, sort of dealio, over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that. It will be on the site. On top of that, I’ll probably do a video about it. It’s going to be quite quick and dirty because we just use it for internal use, so it’s not going to be all slick looking. It’d be good for people to try it and test out and let us know what they think and we’ll probably be adding features over time.

Anyway, that’s us for this week. Speak to you later, bye.

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