Top 5 Things That Happened In The App World This Week-From Apple Advertising To Google Bootcamp!

Mobile app use is as ever on the rise! Google has revealed that the average American spends a minimum of 37 hours each month using apps. With vastly improving app technology and mobile browser capabilities it’s a very exciting time to be in the app business indeed. The app world is developing at an alarmingly fast pace so we’re sharing what we think are the most interesting development this week!



Apple’s ditching advertising! Well not quite, Mobyaffiliates broke the news that Apple has recently conceded selling ads was never it’s forte and they are not completely dismantling but pulling back from iAd mobile advertising due to a lack of profit generation. What venture is Apple going to embark on next? It’s heartening to see that money doesn’t guarantee success in every area, leaving plenty of room for smaller companies to excel.




This week has shown Facebook to be pushing in the opposite direction and they have begun testing their Audience Network for mobile placement.  Audience Network targets consumers with personalised ads         based on their internet activity, a method of data use that was once questionable but now appears to be     the norm. With their sights set to knock Google off their advertising top spot, Anne Freier shares the         facts and we get marvel at the power one company can have once it’s made the big bucks.



Bloomberg Business tells us that Snapchat is storming the charts at the moment with it’s daily video views rivaling Facebook’s, a company that has been in existence twice as long with 15 times as many users. Snapchat is the dream startup we all want to be the founders of, this isn’t the first time Snapchat has rocketed to our attention check out Alan’s post from back in October.




Sultanova has also brought a fantastic article by Richard Harris to our attention. Harris of App Development Magazine writes about Google’s generous publication of a four part mobile bootcamp to help developers strategize, engage and monetize their audiences. If there’s one bootcamp to get involved in this year, this is the one that will whip your business into shape!




Peggy Anne Salz suggests embracing and developing your brand for growth and success, she tweeted about her app branding article published in Forbes this week. Ms. Salz is top of the table when it comes to app marketing and development if you don’t already follow her on twitter I strongly suggest you start!

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