Android Users Warned Over Sophisticated Malware

Android smartphone users are being warned about a sophisticated malware strain that enables hackers to spy on just about any activity on a user’s phone.

The malware steals pictures, contacts, messages, call logs as well as browser data. The strain is also capable of making audio recordings of calls being made and dial numbers.

The malware has been called ZooPark and can steal usernames and passwords because it has a key logging feature.

The revelation is being made by cyber security outfit Kaspersky.

The firm says the malware has been affecting Android phones since June 2015 and is mainly focused on the Middle East but is starting to spread.

Tesco unveils native mobile registration

As one of the leading mobile banking apps, Tesco Bank has unveiled native mobile registration for users.

It’s the first firm to use the innovative technology which enables customers to set-up and access their account using a smartphone without having to register at first.

The bank says it’s made the move because when customers were surveyed, they said registering first was a source of frustration and Tesco wants to make banking ‘as easy and simple’ as possible.

The new look app also enables users to block and unblock features for their credit cards and access accounts using fingerprints, Face ID, a five digit pass code or their online banking logging information.

Doctors and nurses ‘need a WhatsApp style’ service

A report is calling for a new WhatsApp style messaging service to be introduced for doctors and nurses in the NHS.

The aim is to have a data compliant healthcare messaging service that can be accessed on mobile devices by NHS care teams.

The paper also lays out a path to improve the take-up of new technology for NHS England that will empower clinicians and patients and help lead to a paperless NHS.

However, a new digital messaging services app will improve communications and help discourage NHS workers using commercial apps, including WhatsApp, which do not meet the relevant standards for sharing patient information.

In other mobile phone app news …

A school in Guernsey is trialling an app that will lock some functions on students’ smartphones during school hours. Elizabeth College says it wants to restrict what students are able to do during break times with their mobile phones including playing games.

Cattle herders in Kenya are using a new app for use in times of drought where they can find pasture for their livestock. The Afriscout app utilises satellite images to locate water and grass for users.

A children’s charity has unveiled a ‘game-changing’ app aimed at reducing child marriage in Bangladesh. Plan International says the app will enable officers and priests who register marriages to verify the groom’s and bride’s ages by using a digital database; it’s illegal for girls under 18 and for men aged under 21 from marrying.

Google’s new Chat messaging service has started its roll-out and is aimed at replacing text messages on Android phones. The new app will be integrated on Android phones.

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